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Breast Cancer Basics - Definition, Types, Survival Statistics

An introductory guide to breast cancer with articles and resources about the definition, types of breast cancer, symptoms, survival statistics, and more.
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Breast Cancer Definition, Types, Symptoms, When to See Your Doctor
Definition of Breast Cancer, Most Common Types, Symptoms, When to See Your Doctor

What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer Symptoms
Breast cancer starts in a cell, which divides and multiplies at an uncontrolled rate. Know which symptoms you can see and feel, and which of them signal early stage or advanced breast cancer.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer
Be aware of these breast cancer symptoms, what they may mean, and how to respond to a symptom

Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is a great time to educate and empower yourself for the best breast health. Every October, pink ribbons appear all around – from cans of soup in the grocery store to stylish bracelets and lapel pins. But how does all that pink relate to breast health and breast cancer? The pink ribbons remind

Breast Cancer Survivor - When Can I Say I Am A Breast Cancer Survivor
When can I say I am a breast cancer survivor? Does your doctor, friends, or family influence when you start saying you are a breast cancer survivor? Weigh in on when you can say you are a breast cancer survivor.

When Can I Say I Am A Breast Cancer Survivor?
When can I say I am a breast cancer survivor? There are several opinions on this - medical, personal, and cultural factors may influence when you start saying you are a breast cancer survivor. Read on to see what other breast cancer survivors have to say.

Pink Ribbons, Pink Fatigue And Breast Cancer Awareness
Many people dread the annual arrival of Pink Ribbon October. Pink ribbons cover a zillion products, reminding us to get a mammogram, be breast aware, and spend for the Cause! Does all this pink help - or does it just cause pink fatigue? Learn more about pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness here.

Pink Ribbons, Pink Fatigue, and the Meaning of Pink
What Does Pink Mean To You? You can't avoid all the pink ribbons associated with breast cancer awareness. Pink is used to raise awareness, funds, support, and it also raises profits for oncology businesses. Does pink really help? Sound off on how you feel about pink.

A New Beginning
My approach to a breast cancer diagnosis is to always involve the medical community as soon as possible.

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