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Breast Cancer

New Years Resolutions for Breast Health in 2014

Monday December 30, 2013

The advent of each New Year is a time for celebration and reflection.  Secular in origin, it is one of the world's oldest traditions to which a majority of people adhere irrespective of race, creed, or nationality.  On the eve of the New Year, we reflect upon missed opportunities to improve ourselves in the year past and we make promises unto ourselves to live better in the coming year.  As you prepare your list of resolutions, consider adding these Top 10 Strategies to reduce breast cancer risk and improve your overall health in 2014.

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Breast Cancer during the Holidays: The Perfect Gift for a Cancer Patient

Friday December 27, 2013

The malls are abuzz with shoppers and sales...The roads are a mess with travelers heading to and fro...Work is a ghost town... The time of giving and receiving is upon us.... It's the HOLIDAY SEASON!  Yet, for the cancer patient, there is little hiatus.  Treatment drones on in its usual rhythm.  What do you give to the cancer patient to show you truly care? The spirit of sharing brings loved ones together so, look here for some ideas to find the perfect gift that suits her needs.



Angelina's Medical Choice: What message did it really convey?

Friday December 20, 2013

Angelina Jolie is once again on the front pages of newspapers regarding her decision to undergo a prophylactic mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer.  The findings of a research study that examined the effect of her decision on public opinion were revealed yesterday, December 19th, by the University of Maryland School of Public Health and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.  The survey of more than 2,500 Americans found that 75% of respondents were aware of Jolie's story but, fewer than 10% could correctly answer questions about the BRCA gene mutation that Jolie harbors or estimate the typical woman's risk of developing breast cancer.

As explained by lead author, Dina Borzekowski, research professor in UMD's Department of Behavior and Community Health, "Ms. Jolie's health story was prominently featured throughout the media and was a chance to mobilize health communicators and educators to teach about the nuanced issues around genetic testing, risk, and prophylactic surgery,... [instead] it feels like it was a missed opportunity to educate the public about a complex but rare health situation."



Winter Storm Turns Pink in San Antonio

Thursday December 19, 2013

As snow and ice gripped eastern and southern states - blanketing roads, stranding travelers, and bringing businesses to a screeching halt from Maine to Utah - there was a fearless bunch who could not be deterred.  Not even a deadly winter storm could keep them down!  Nearly 7,500 individuals did the unthinkable and ventured thousands of miles to attend the largest breast cancer conference in the world ... Read more

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