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The Most Important Lessons From Breast Cancer


Updated March 05, 2013

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Life Lessons From Breast Cancer Survivors
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Becoming a breast cancer survivor is bound to teach you a few life lessons. When you hear the words, "You have breast cancer," you join a club that nobody wants to join. Yet members of that club can become some of your most intimate friends. When you meet a new member, you can instantly connect with them. The bonds of membership in this club are cemented with common experiences, shared struggles, celebrated victories, and words of advice.

Here are ten breast cancer survivors telling their stories in their own words. You will meet everybody from a tough grandmother who considers herself lucky to a young mother of three preschool boys who learned how to explain her diagnosis to her children. Their diagnoses range from the smallest detectable form of breast cancer - ductal carcinoma in situ - to the most challenging - inflammatory breast cancer. These women have experienced many types of treatments. Some have been in remission for up to 22 years, while some are still undergoing therapies.

Each woman confronted her fears, found her own source of strength and hope, and discovered a way to endure her trial. Now they're ready to pass on their life lessons to you. Nobody can really prepare you for your own journey with breast cancer. But as you read what these strong women consider the most important things they learned from breast cancer, you can benefit from their wisdom and experiences.

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