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Breast Cancer Survivors Tell Their Own Stories

True Stories from Breast Cancer Survivors - read about their journey through discovery, diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

Stacy's Survivor Story
Stacy, a single mom of two boys, tells her breast cancer survival story. She describes diagnosis, chemo and radiation, as well as how her family supported her.

Julie Nelson Breast Cancer Survivor
Julie Nelson was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer while her son was away in the Army. She was supported by friends and family, and is in remission. This is her survivor story.

Michele: Fighting Breast Cancer and Surviving
Michele is in treatment for breast cancer. As a young, single mom raising a school-age daughter, she works and keeps a close watch on her attitude. She is on her way to living as a breast cancer survivor.

Surviving Breast Cancer
If you are a breast cancer survivor, then you have a story! Sharing your story may help those who are newly-diagnosed, in treatment, or navigating survivorhood. Share your survivor story here.See submissions

Diane LeBleu - Breast Cancer Survivor Story
Diane LeBleu responded to my weekly newsletter with a question, and we got to talking about life after treatment. Diane is a breast cancer survivor with a twin sister - who is also a survivor! When a breast lump turned out to be cancer, she had a plan of action, but all her family lived far away. She went looking for support and...

The Most Important Lessons From Breast Cancer
Becoming a breast cancer survivor is bound to teach you a few life lessons. You get a chance to give up pretense, develop some focus for the fight, cultivate your supportive relationships, and get the truly important things done. Here are the stories of 10 breast cancer survivors who took on the challenge, and are ready to pass on their life...

Your Life Lessons From Breast Cancer - Life Lessons From Breast Cancer
Breast cancer treatment is an experience that causes many of us to slow down and think about life. It's a hard teacher, but it may give you a life lesson - or two - that sticks with you for a long time. Tell me about your life lessons from breast cancer here.

Jane Gillespie - Overcomer and Breast Cancer Survivor
Jane Gillespie is a breast cancer survivor living in Australia. After treatment for breast cancer, she had a breakdown. After counseling, she went on a journey of self-discovery and reinvention. She now leads retreats for breast cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers. Jane Gillespie tells her breast cancer survivor story here.

Dorothy Anne Waters - Dancing Through Difficulty
Breast cancer survivor Dorothy Anne Waters has faced a diagnosis of breast cancer twice. She had a radical mastectomy at age 29, and then faced a tragic betrayal. Later, she lost her other breast to breast cancer and had to seek counseling. Today, this breast cancer survivor dances and judges dog shows. Dorothy Anne Waters tells her breast cancer survivor story here.

Diane Foresee, Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor
Breast cancer survivor Diane Foresee has dealt with two different types of breast cancer: invasive ductal carcinoma and inflammatory breast cancer. She faced her fears, educated herself, and plunged into chemotherapy, radiation, and Herceptin treatments. Diane is a woman of faith, and here she tells her breast cancer survivor story.

Debbie Stallings - Breast Cancer Survivor
Debbie Stallings didn't have breast cancer in her family, and had never had a friend that was diagnosed with the disease. But she was interested in supporting the cause - not knowing that one day, she would need that support for herself. Debbie tells her breast cancer survivor story here.

Robin M. Gray RN, Breast Cancer Survivor
Robin Gray is a registered nurse who was misdiagnosed for seventeen months - she was told by several doctors that her breast lump was a cyst. Meanwhile, the lump grew and became painful. Robin tells her story of surviving breast cancer, and how she dealt with her misdiagnosis.

Sandi's Survivor Story - Conquering the Enemy: IBC
Sandi Johnson went for a mammogram and came out with a diagnosis of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She endured a range of treatments: chemotherapy, surgery, radiation. She owns a gym and is very fit - and she has served as the President of her school board. Sandi and her network of support made it through the crisis, and she is now holding...

Diane Becker Krasnick – Breast Cancer Survivor
Diane Becker Krasnick was diagnosed in 2001 with HER2 positive breast cancer, and joined a clinical trial of Herceptin. She was living a fully active life, serving as a Cantorial Soloist and Bat Mitzvah educator, r

Male Breast Cancer and Camp LeJeune Water Contamination
Mike Partain comes from a family of tough military men. One night, his wife hugged him and found a lump in his breast - that hug, he says, saved his life. Mike was born at Camp LeJeuene and affected by contaminated water on base. He tells his story of surviving male breast cancer and learning how the chemical in the water affected him and many others.

Peter Devereaux – Male Breast Cancer Survivor
Peter Devereaux woke up one day and found a bump in his chest. He wasted no time in visiting his doctor, and his diagnosis came swiftly: it was male breast cancer. Currently in a clinical trial, Peter is intent on raising awareness and educating people about male breast cancer and early detection.

Male Breast Cancer - Sean Cooper
Sean Cooper is a really wonderful man - a brave man - who has faced male breast cancer and survived. Diagnosed in May 2007, his first thoughts were for his family and how they would get by if he were not there to provide for them. Sean Cooper talks about his diagnosis and treatment, as well as how he dealt with his emotions.

Herb Wagner - Tough Enough to Wear Pink
Herb Wagner is a 39-month male breast cancer survivor who proudly wears pink and does whatever he can to increase awareness about male breast cancer. He was first misdiagnosed with a retracted nipple, then properly diagnosed with male breast cancer. Herb tells his story here.

Pat and the Bulldozer - A Breast Cancer Survivor Story
Pat is taking care of her husband's kidney inflammation crisis when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Previously told that her lump was "nothing to worry about" Pat becomes pro-active and seeks another opinion. Here is Pat's breast cancer survivor story.

Breast Cancer Survivor and Superwoman - Kathleen
Kathleen is a strong woman, taking care of others, holding down 2 jobs, doing it all! One day a little piece of paper changed her life. Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 48, Kathleen is now a breast cancer survivor and stronger than ever.

Advice From Teresa Van Hoy
Teresa Miriam Van Hoy is an Assistant Professor of History, mother, wife, and breast cancer survivor. Here is her advice for women who are facing breast cancer.

Survivor: Teresa Miriam Van Hoy
Teresa Miriam Van Hoy is an Assistant Professor of History, mother, wife, and breast cancer survivor. She is active in education at many levels, and is working to address the disparities of care and survival for minority women, with a focus on American Latinas, and Chinese women.

Surviving Breast Cancer in Zimbabwe - Patience Mtakwa
Patience Mtakwa is a breast cancer patient in Zimbabwe. Having lost her mother to breast cancer, Patience knew when she discovered her own breast lump that she should seek treatment promptly. Read her story about diagnosis, treatment and the challenges of breast cancer in southeastern Africa.

Active in Education - Teresa Miriam Van Hoy
Teresa Miriam Van Hoy is an Assistant Professor of History, mother, wife, and breast cancer survivor. She is active in education at many levels, and is working to address the disparities of care and survival for minority women, with a focus on American Latinas, and Chinese women.

Tell Your Breast Cancer Survivor Story
You may be newly diagnosed, in the middle of treatments, or years away from your experience with breast cancer. Either way you slice it, you've got a story to tell. Tell me your survivor story, and you may see it published on my site. Here's a submission form - fill this out to be considered for publication.

George MacGillis, Veteran and Male Breast Cancer Survivor
George MacGillis was already a tough guy before he was diagnosed with male breast cancer. He had done helicopter rescues and faced deadly situations, but breast cancer made him want to die. Male breast cancer survivors are a special kind of guy, they are proactive and durable. Here is George MacGillis telling his male breast cancer survivor story.

James - Classic Car Aficionado and Male Breast Cancer Survivor
James is a classic car aficionado and male breast cancer survivor.

Writing About Your Breast Cancer Journey
Just about everything I’ve read about dealing with breast cancer contains the suggestion of keeping a journal. I personally balked at this idea

Yet Another Wonderful Day
It was six years ago this month when I became breast cancer free. It was through the awesome talents of an internist, a cancer surgeon, a plastic

Talking About Breast Cancer
I have lately noticed something that I hadn’t realized before and that is that most people seem to have a very hard time talking about breast cancer

A Smile Changes Everything
It wasnt all that long ago when I was receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer, not one time but two times that made me wonder if I'd ever smile again.

What About Finding Internet Friends?

You Are Not Alone
No matter your needs or your level of involvement with your own Breast Cancer care, it helps to know that assistance and people who care are just a quick

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