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Karl D. Stephan

Professor of Electrical Engineering


Updated September 11, 2009

Karl David Stephan

Karl David Stephan

by Pam Stephan
Karl D. Stephan is a Full Professor in the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas. He obtained a BSEE from Caltech, an M. Eng. from Cornell, and his Ph. D. at the University of Texas at Austin in microwave engineering. After sixteen years at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he joined Texas State University in 2000. He has published in the fields of microwave engineering, the history of technology, and engineering education.

Dr. Stephan lost his mother to breast cancer, and when his wife Pam was diagnosed with the same disease, he became her strongest supporter and patient advocate. He enjoys writing about technology, and contributes many glossary terms to the About Breast Cancer site.

He writes a weekly blog on Engineering Ethics.

Karl Stephan has served on the Board of Directors of the Society on the Social Implications of Technology (SSIT).

He also served as an author for the IEEE Virtual Museum, a wonderful online museum about electricity and technology.

His interest in history also includes Manufactured Ice, because his grandfather and an uncle were in the ice business. The Kitchen Sisters featured his story on an NPR segment "Another Side of Ice" as part of their story, "Texas Ice Houses Melt Away."
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