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Newly Diagnosed - What You Need to Know Before Starting Treatment

You've gotten your initial diagnosis of breast cancer, but don't know much about what to expect. Here is a roadmap for newly diagnosed patients; full of information about diagnosis, tests, emotions, and the many options you may be offered for surgery and treatment. Educating yourself will help you travel this difficult road with confidence.
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  2. Addtional Diagnostic Tests (3)
  3. Diagnosis Details (9)
  4. Treatment Options (23)
  5. Young Women's Concerns (16)
  6. Workplace Issues (8)
  7. What To Expect (12)

Newly Diagnosed: What You Need to Know Before Starting Treatment
Your biopsy revealed breast cancer - now what do you do? As a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient, how do you educate and prepare yourself for the road ahead? Here's the roadmap for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

Learning More About Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Your biopsy results were positive for cancer, but that isn't your complete breast cancer diagnosis. In order to make the best treatment decisions, you need the complete picture of your cancer. Your final breast cancer diagnosis covers tumor size, grade, hormone status, and many other things. Learn more about your breast cancer diagnosis here.

Emotions and Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis
When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you will have a lot of emotions to cope with. Learn what emotions are normal to experience, and when to get help. Expressing your emotions can actually help you cope with a cancer diagnosis.

Additional Tests You May Need When Newly Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
You've got a diagnosis and you just want to get rid of your breast cancer. Now your doctor orders additional tests. Not only that, but you'll have more tests during and after breast cancer treatment. Learn more about additional tests before, during, and after breast cancer treatment.

Dealing with Your Healthcare Team
Breast cancer patients need a team of health professionals to help fight their cancer. Doctors, nurses, technicians are all part of the team. Learn more about dealing with doctors here.

Breast Cancer Surgery - Your Options and Decisions
Once you have a diagnosis of breast cancer, you and your doctor will discuss your options for surgery. It can be a difficult decision to make, but asking good questions and knowing your options can help. Choose the surgery that is most effective for your diagnosis.

Treatment Options for Breast Cancer
Breast cancer treatment options beyond surgery are different for everybody. That why you need to understand your diagnosis and breast cancer treatment options. Discuss your treatment options with your oncologist, and then make a confident decision. Learn more about breast cancer treatment options here.

Breast Cancer and Workplace Issues
When you're diagnosed with breast cancer, you don't have to quit working. You will need a little help from your coworkers and lots of support from your employer. Having breast cancer in the workplace is like taking a crash course from a great teacher – you quickly learn important facts about your rights and responsibilities, you memorize the sick leave policy, and you get to be a whiz at paperw…

What To Expect As You Begin Treatment For Breast Cancer
Knowing what to expect before you go into breast cancer treatment helps you feel in control of your life. Your breast cancer treatments will have...

10 Essential Things To Do Before Starting Treatment For Breast Cancer
Going through treatment for breast cancer is like going on a journey – it takes some planning, requires some decisions, and has a timeline. Before you embark on your journey through treatment, take time to prepare.

Basic Breast Cancer Vocabulary
Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients need to learn some medical terms to add to their vocabulary. Here's a list of basic breast cancer...

A New Beginning
My approach to a breast cancer diagnosis is to always involve the medical community as soon as possible.

Why Do We Subscribe Blame to Breast Cancer Victims
You have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, the blame game begins. First of all, you might blame yourself.

Monitoring Your Medications
Just about every breast cancer survivor has a number of medications that they are taking on a daily basis. Hopefully, a single doctor has prescribed them, or if prescribed by multiple doct

What Do We Expect From Our Doctors?
If we are undergoing treatment for breast cancer, it is our responsibility to address our medical situations as adults and allow for our doctors...

Why We Don’t Have the Answers to Cure Breast Cancer
These examples only begin to scratch the surface of what goes on in the breast cancer world. Based upon what I have learned, I believe that everyone

Does Discipline Make A Difference?

Reconstruction or No Reconstruction
For anyone with Breast Cancer facing a mastectomy, one of the main issues to be decided is whether to undergo reconstruction. In my case, it was never

The Doctor/Patient Relationship
To me, the right doctor/patient relationships are the single most important factors in any breast cancer journey that a person takes.

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