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Packing a Wig for Travel


Updated July 21, 2009

Get Ready to Pack Your Wig :

Taking a travel break during cancer treatment can be great for your spirits. A change of scene and time with friends and family can help you take your focus off the disease for a while. You already know how to pack the basics for a weekend trip – but do you know how to pack for your wig? Here's a simple list of items to help you travel with a wig.

Portable Plastic Wig Stand:

Take along a plastic folding wig stand. These are made of two or three pieces of plastic that snap together to form an open shape that will support your wig. Leaving your wig on a wig stand overnight helps maintain its shape. If your wig has a flexible skin-top crown, a wig stand will prevent creases or folds from forming. A plastic wig stand is great to use for drying a wig, since it allows air to freely circulate to all parts of the wig. Wire folding wig stands are good, too - but may set off airline metal detectors or show up on luggage x-rays - something you might not want to explain.
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Wig Brush, Comb and Spray:

You'll need your wig styling tools on a trip – resist the temptation to borrow somebody's hairbrush! Your wig brush and comb should always be used to style your wig when you put it on in the morning. Pack a travel-size bottle of wig spray if your style needs it – do not use regular hairspray on a wig, unless it is made of human hair.

Your Wig Cap or Mesh Wig Liner:

To keep your wig from slipping on your hair or bare scalp, be sure to pack your wig cap or mesh wig liner. I found that having an extra liner along was a good idea, just in case the one I was wearing developed a hole or a run. If you use baby powder on your scalp to keep cool, pack a small bottle along with your other wig supplies.
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Wig Shampoo and Wig Conditioner:

For an overnight trip, you might not need to pack supplies to clean your wig. But if you're heading out for a week, especially in hot weather with your wig, pack travel-size bottles of wig shampoo and conditioner. Many suppliers have travel kits with these ready for you to use. You'll be ready to wash, condition, and dry your wig overnight – ready for a new day!

Sleep Caps for Comfort:

Hair is a great insulator – something you realize when you don't have any and you're trying to sleep in an air-conditioned room! Pack your sleep caps, so your bare scalp will be covered and comfortable no matter where you sleep during your travels.
See Sleep Caps at Tender Loving Care (American Cancer Society)

Head Scarf for Windy Days:

If you're going where the wind blows – the beach, a sailboat, the concrete canyons of a big city – you might want to pack a head scarf. Drape it around your neck or tuck it in your purse, and when the wind comes up, use the scarf to secure your wig to your head. It's much better than chasing your errant wig down the beach or sidewalk, or asking someone to fish it out of the surf!

A Bag of Her Own:

A small travel bag that holds all your wig supplies can help you organize and pack your wig for a trip. A soft-sided bag can be tucked inside a larger piece of luggage or used as a carry-on. For my favorite wig, I kept a bag stocked with travel-size shampoo and conditioner, a spare brush, mesh liner, sleep cap, and plastic wig stand. With these items on standby, packing a wig can be a snap!
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