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You completed treatment, now what do you do? Read about living in remission, having regular oncology checkups, making progress during recovery. Rebuild your health and take care of your chemo curls and dry skin. Take charge of changing your diet, start doing regular exercise, take your follow-up medications. How you can make life changes, and how you can give back to the cancer community.
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Picture Your Life After Breast Cancer
Life after breast cancer includes recovery, challenges, victories, and changes. What changes have you made, in your life after breast cancer? Send in a photo and a short description of your life after breast cancer.See submissions

How You Celebrated Your Breast Cancer Anniversary
Celebrate your anniversary of surviving breast cancer. Share your story of celebration - tell how you chose to make the day special.See submissions

The Story of My Breast Cancer Tattoo
Do you have a breast cancer tattoo? What or who inspired you to get a breast cancer tattoo? Show off your breast cancer tattoo and tell your story here. Upload a photo of your breast cancer tattoo.See submissions

Breast Cancer Tattoos Are More Than Skin Deep
Breast cancer tattoos go beyond the marks needed for radiation treatments or nipple reconstruction after a mastectomy. Breast cancer tattoos celebrate survival, express your attitude towards cancer, and honor loved ones. Learn more about breast cancer tattoos here.

Weight Lifting Helps Arm Lymphedema
Arm lymphedema can be reduced and possibly prevented by doing some light weight lifting. New research on arm lymphedema and exercise is dealing a blow to previous guidelines for lymphedema risk. Learn more about how weight lifting can lower your risk for arm lymphedema.

What is a Compression Sleeve?
What is a compression sleeve? and how does it relate to arm lymphedema? Learn more about compression sleeves and arm lymphedema here.

How to Do Arm Lymphedema Exercises
Arm lymphedema (swelling) can happen after you've had lymph nodes removed during breast cancer surgery. Gentle exercise with free weights can help reduce swelling caused by lymphedema. Here's how to do these arm lymphedema exercises.

Chemo Curls Care
Chemotherapy can cause hair loss as well affect hair regrowth. Your post-chemo hair might be very kinky or curly, and it is called chemo curls. Hair regrowth starts 6 - 12 months after chemotherapy stops. Learn how to take care of your new chemo curls.

How to Do Arm Exercises After Breast Surgery
After breast surgery, you may need to do some arm exercises to regain strength and flexibility. Before you get started, talk to your doctor about doing arm exercises after breast surgery. Here are several easy arm exercises you can do, to keep or regain your range of motion.

Arm Exercises After Breast Surgery
After breast surgery, it's important to get moving - especially your arm and shoulder on your affected side. Breast surgery affects muscles, nerves, and skin - all of which need exercise after surgery to recover flexibility and strength. Learn more about exercises after breast surgery here.

Will My Breast Cancer Return?
Breast cancer survivors may ask the question - will it come back? Having survived both the disease and the treatment. it seems unfair to consider recurrence, but it is a real danger and must be dealt with. Learn about the probability of breast cancer recurrence, fears, signs and symptoms, and prevention.

Relationships and Breast Cancer
Breast cancer affects every aspect of your love life - your body changes, your treatments take a toll, and even when you've recovered, the effects and scars remain. So how should you deal with a new romance or a long-term committed relationship, after surviving breast cancer? Honesty is best, but pick your time, place, and your words carefully.

Breast Cancer Survivors Ask: Where Have All My Friends Gone?
During treatment, you may get support from friends and family. After treatment, those supporters may vanish. What happens and how do you deal with it?

How Breast Cancer May Affect Body Image
Breasts have been a symbol of femininity and sexuality since civilization began, so many breast cancer patients feel that the disease has attacked their body image along with her health. Whether a cancer patient kept, lost, or reconstructed her breasts, learning to accept and even love a postcancer body is a process. Learn how breast cancer affects body image

The Basics of Lymphedema After Breast Cancer
Lymphedema occurs if you have had lymph nodes removed during breast cancer surgery. Your lymphatic fluid may build up in the area where nodes are missing, and cause swelling. Learn more about lymphedema and treatments for it.

Cell Enhanced Breast Reconstruction for Lumpectomy Repair
Having a lumpectomy is less drastic than having a mastectomy, but it leaves you with a scar and a dimple where a smooth, full curve used to be. An investigational breast reconstruction technique is being studied that uses your own fat and stem cells to repair the shape of your breast. This technique is called Cell-Enhanced Reconstruction, and was presented at the 2007 San Antonio Breast Cancer …

Breast Prostheses Overview
After a mastectomy or lumpectomy for the treatment of breast cancer, you can achieve a symmetrical appearance again by using a breast prosthesis. There are several types available, in various skin tones and sizes.

Intimacy After Breast Cancer Treatment – Looking for a New "Normal"
Looking for a new “normal” with your loved one takes a coordinated effort. Physical, emotional, and spiritual changes will affect your physical relationship. Rebuilding your intimate life takes time, persistence, creativity, empathy, and good communication. Don't give up - here are some tips for rebuilding your intimate relationship.

Breast Cancer and Bone Density Scans
If you have been treated for breast cancer with chemotherapy, or if you are taking post-treatment medications for estrogen suppression, it is important to keep a watch on your bone health.

Estrogen, Bone Loss, and Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy can cause loss of bone density. Learn how this is related to estrogen, and what you may need to do about it.

Survivors Navigate Life After Breast Cancer
Having a diagnosis of breast cancer changes your life. Treatments may challenge your self-image as well as your body. You may shift your priorities around in order to overcome this disease and when treatment ends, you could find yourself in a different profession, or with a new focus. In 2007, there were two million breast cancer survivors, finding their way through life after breast cancer. Her…

In Memory Of Someone You Lost to Breast Cancer
Here you read stories that honor the memory of those lost to breast cancer. Memories can be powerful – memories can help you grieve, celebrate, and heal. Read these stories and leave your thoughts in memory of someone special that you lost to breast cancer. You may encourage someone else who is mourning, and help them along their journey. ...See submissions

It’s All About Hope
I can’t tell you how many times I've been moved to tears when someone shares what they endured in order to do a walk to raise funds for breast cancer

Reconstruction or No Reconstruction
For anyone with Breast Cancer facing a mastectomy, one of the main issues to be decided is whether to undergo reconstruction. In my case, it was never

Work After Breast Cancer
I have seen statistics at extreme ends of the spectrum detailing the number of women that return to work after breast cancer so this is one area that

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