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Breast Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis


If you see or feel a change during your breast self-exam, it's good to know which changes are normal and which are worrisome. Learn what to expect and when to see your doctor. If a lump appears and turns out to be cancerous, there are many things your doctor will need to find out to determine your diagnosis. Know what tests will be done and how a diagnosis is made.
  1. Breast Lumps
  2. Breast Pain
  3. Breast Skin Changes
  4. Imaging Studies
  1. Breast Biopsies
  2. Hormone Status
  3. Diagnosis Details

Breast Lumps

Breast Self Exam:  Stroke Exam 4

All breast lumps are not cancer. Learn about the four kinds of breast lumps and how they differ from one another.

Breast Pain

Painful Breast

Breast pain can be related to hormonal cycles, injuries, birth control pills, and infections. Sometimes the pain is actually beneath or beside the breast, even though it feels like pain inside your breast. Undiagnosed breast cancer usually does not cause breast pain, except for a few cases. Learn the causes, home remedies, and treatments for breast pain.

Breast Skin Changes

Skin changes on your breast can signal something as ordinary as a rash, sunburn, or infection. However, they sometimes indicate underlying breast cancer. Learn more about nipple health, Paget's disease and Inflammatory Breast Cancer and how they are detected and treated.

Imaging Studies

Breast Cancer Cell

Breast imaging is done to diagnosis breast cancer as well as catch it early on. Imaging studies include: mammograms, ultrasounds, MRI, PET scans, CAT scans, and elastography.

Breast Biopsies

Sentinel Node Biopsy

A biopsy is a procedure that takes a sample of tissue that is then sent for testing by a lab. It's important to get accurate results from a biopsy. If there is any disease, it's the biopsy result that will help to determine what your next course of action should be.

Hormone Status

Estrogen and progesterone biomarker tests results will appear on your pathology report. Understanding the test results is important because this information affects your treatment as well as your follow-up care, if you've been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Diagnosis Details

Breast cancer is not just one disease, and a diagnosis is not made of just one detail. You need to know many aspects about your cancer, in order to have the complete diagnosis.

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