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Is It Breast Cancer? - Diagnosis, Tests, Results

Understanding your diagnosis. You can understand your diagnosis, know what disease stages mean and how that affects your treatment and options. More tests might be needed - understand the reasons for the tests and what results will mean for you.
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Surgical Margins – How Surgical Margins Affect Treatment Decisions

After my breast biopsy revealed cancer, my surgeon agreed to do a lumpectomy, to see if he could get clear margins around my tumor. He explained the importance of getting all the cancer, but all I was focused on was keeping …

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is diagnosed with several screening tools mammograms, ultrasound, MRI, elastography, ductal lavage, and aspiration. If those tests are not conclusive, you may need a breast biopsy. Your tissue sample will reveal whether or not you have breast cancer, as well as what fuels the cancer, and what stage it is ranked. Learn how breast cancer is diagnosed.

Understanding and Dissecting Your Breast Cancer Pathology Report
Your pathology report is an important document in the process of making your diagnosis. It's written in very technical terms, but here's a guide to understanding that all those big words and medical jargon means.

Tests Done During and After Breast Cancer Treatment
During and after breast cancer treatment, you will go through many tests for blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids. Everything from imaging studies to blood counts - tests help determine how well you're doing. Learn what to expect.

Lymph Node Status and Breast Cancer
Lymph node status is an important part of your overall breast cancer diagnosis. This information is used, together with tumor size and metastatic status, to calculate your prognosis, or outlook after treatment.

Tumor Grade And Pathology
Tumor grade is part of the data that will appear on your pathology report. Knowing your tumor grade helps your doctor decide on the most effective treatments for the best outcome. Breast cancer is graded using the Bloom-Richardson scoring system. Learn more about tumor grade.

Hormone Receptor Status and Diagnosis - Estrogen and Progesterone
Estrogen and Progesterone biomarker tests results will appear on your pathology report. Understanding the test results is important, because this information affects your treatment as well as your follow-up care, if youve been diagnosed with breast cancer.

HER2/neu and Diagnosis
HER2, which is also called HER2/neu, and HER-2, is the acronym for human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. Knowing your HER2 status is an important part of your diagnosis.

Emotions and Breast Cancer: Expressing, Coping, Surviving
A breast cancer diagnosis is a great shock. It brings on many strong emotions. Read about some normal emotions that you may experience at diagnosis and during treatment, and ways to cope.

Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Drugs and Infertility
Which chemotherapy drugs used for breast cancer treatment may cause you to become infertile? What are the other probable causes that you need to consider? Here's a list of drugs that you may want to discuss with your oncologist.

Fertility and Chemotherapy - Know Your Options Before Treatment
Chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer has many side effects, one of which is estrogen suppression. This can cause your ovaries to stop working for a while and you might experience medical menopause, or chemopause. In addition, you may be infertile during treatment. If you are not already in menopause before you start chemo, consider your...

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