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Cancer-Fighting Food and Drink

Your diet is one very important lifestyle factor that you can take control of. Learn which foods can help prevent and fight breast cancer. Also learn easy ways to include cancer-fighting foods in your diet.

Diet and Breast Cancer Risk
Having a healthy weight depends on smart choices for food, drink, and exercise. Keeping off excess pounds means balancing all these factors, to lower your overall risk for cancers, especially breast cancer. There's no particular food that guarantees you won't develop breast cancer, or have a recurrence of it. But a healthy diet has many...

Macrobiotic Diet and Breast Cancer
A macrobiotic diet is more than a diet plan – it is a lifestyle. People who use the macrobiotic diet may have a lower risk of breast cancer as well as other cancers and heart disease. Take a look at the link between the macrobiotic diet and a lower risk of breast cancer.

Pomegranates For Good Health
Pomegranates (punica granatum) are a very healthy fruit that appears to slow down the growth of estrogen-fueled breast cancers. Make astringent, juicy, beautiful pomegranates part of your anticancer diet. Learn more about pomegranates here.

What Is The Connection Between Breast Cancer and Caffeine?
Caffeine and breast cancer – is there a connection? Caffeine can affect breast health, and has an impact on other health issues. Learn more about caffeine and breast cancer here.

Green Tea May Slow Breast Cancer
There's been a lot of talk about the benefits of drinking green tea. Among the headlines is an intriguing claim that a chemical found in the beverage may be a powerful weapon against breast cancer. But before you load up on green tea bags and start chugging away, you should learn a bit more about this alleged miracle brew and the science behind it.

Lycopene Colors You Healthy
Lycopene is an antioxidant that lends its color to fruits and vegetables. Lycopene may help protect against some cancer. Lycopene has some heart health benefits, too. Learn more about lycopene here.

Walnuts In Your Diet Help With Breast Cancer Prevention
Walnuts are a good part of your anti-cancer diet. Walnuts contain oemga-3 fatty acids and many other nutrients that fight breast cancer. Learn why Dr. Elaine Hardman recommends walnuts for preventing and discouraging breast cancer.

Cancer Loves Sugar: Myths and Facts
Cancer loves sugar - a very common saying and widely believed. But does cancer love sugar, and does sugar cause cancer to grow? If you cut sugar out of your diet, would that prevent or cure cancer?

Fruits – Mighty Good For Your Health
Fruit, especially fresh fruit, is good for your health. Fruit contains many substances that help fight cancer. A healthy diet that includes a rich selection of fruits and vegetables helps prevent several kinds of cancer. Learn how fruits fight cancer and which ones are best for you.

Fruit Fiber in Anticancer Smoothies - Fruit Fiber Smoothies
Adding dietary fiber to your smoothies can have a great anticancer benefit. It's easy to include the right fruits that are rich in fiber as well as antioxidants, phenols, and antibacterial compounds. Break out your blender and line up the fruit and fiber!

Fruit Smoothies - Quick Ways to Add Fruit Fiber to Your Diet
Fiber from fruits is great for your health and is a powerful anticancer food. It's easy to add fruit fiber to your daily diet and reap the health benefits. Here's some ways to make a fiber-loaded fruit smoothie. Learn how to add fruit fiber to your diet.

Walnuts Help Fight Breast Cancer
Walnuts are healthy nuts that may help fight breast cancer. Walnuts have omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and phytosterols, cancer-fighting components for your diet. Learn more about walnuts and breast cancer here.

Fish and Seafood - Dive In To Healthy Eating
Fish and seafood is high in omega3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for your health. Fish is a great way to get your protein, and cut down on saturated fats and calories. Learn more about fish and omega3 fatty acids here.

Eating Less Red Meat Reduces Cancer Risk, Add Fruits and Veggies for Balance
Red and processed meats take center stage in the Western diet, where our cancer rates are higher than those in traditional diets with more emphasis on fish, vegetables, and grains. But why does red meat promote cancer, and how can eat a healthy diet without too much of it? Learn more about red meat and cancer here.

Legumes - Good Nutrition and Eating Healthy
Legumes are beans, peas, lentils and peanuts. Legumes are nutritious, low in fat, high in protein, and rich in antioxidants and saponins. While they don't prevent breast cancer, they do boost your overall health. Find out more about legumes.

Cranberries - Superstar Fruit Battles Bacteria and Kills Cancer
Cranberries may show up on your holiday table, in your juice glass, or on a string around your Christmas tree. They are loaded with antioxidants, and have plenty of power to kill bacteria. Did you know that extract of cranberry may kill cancer too? Learn more about cranberries.

Natural Sweeteners Eating Healthy to Stay Healthy
Natural sweeteners are part of eating healthy -- they are low on the glycemic index, so they don't raise you blood glucose levels like refined sugar does. Cancer thrives on sugar, so cutting back is a good thing. Learn about several natural sweeteners.

Garlic Reduces Your Cancer Risk
Garlic allegedly wards off vampires - which is a good thing - but could it also ward off cancer? It has many natural compounds which are as powerful as its fragrance. Learn more about using garlic ot prevent cancer.

Onions, Garlic and Leeks Fight Breast Cancer
Fragrant, colorful and varied in size and taste, alliums, such as garlic and onions, appear in foods all over the world. They have great nutritional value, and can help fight cancer. Learn how eating onions and garlic is part of eating healthy.

Cruciferous Vegetables - Crammed With Anticancer Power
Cruciferous vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, and several types of greens - are full of compounds that help prevent and fight cancer all through your body. Learn how these vegetables boost your health and why they are anticancer foods.

Whole Grains – Cancer-Fighting Foods That Come In a Small Package
Whole grains are a great way to protect your health and lower your risk for developing cancer. Whole grains give the complete benefit from bran, germ, and endosperm -- all three parts of the grain, which contain many vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Learn how whole grains benefit your health and are easy to add to your diet.

What's in Whole Grains and How Does That Fight Cancer?
White bread and white rice looks nice and last longer on the shelf than brown bread and brown rice, so isn't it better? No - it isn't a whole grain product. Whole grains are complete kernels, with many health benefits. Learn about the parts of whole grains.

Flaxseeds - A Humble But Powerful Cancer-Fighting Grain
Flaxseed can be eaten as flax meal and flaxseed oil. It has healthy lignans and omega-3 fatty acids that are powerful anticancer components. Learn how flaxseed may benefit you.

Soy and Breast Cancer - Research, Controversy, and Your Diet
Soy is great food - but not everyone agrees on whether or not it's good for your health. Soy foods contain the isoflavone genistein, which may help prevent breast cancer, if you start eating it just before puberty. However, if you've had estrogen-sensitive breast cancer, soy may interfere with your tamoxifen or Aromasin. Learn more about soy and breast cancer.

5 Easy Ways to Add Soy to Your Diet
Soy foods are widely available, and great for your health. Soy is high in protein, helps lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and may help with menopause symptoms. The soy isoflavone genistein can act like weak estrogens, and may help prevent breast cancer, particularly wh…

Herbs and Spices - Eating Healthy
"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." – Hippocrates

Look in your spice rack for some powerful powders that have been compared to some of today's cancer-fighting drugs. Healing herbs and smart spices have been valued for ages, both for their flavor, color, and medicinal properties. These plants and their phytonutrients have left an impact on cultures and be…

Coffee and Tea Do Not Increase Your Breast Cancer Risk
A couple of cups of coffee and tea daily don't increase your risk for breast cancer. Caffeine in coffee and tea may cause benign breast lumps to swell. Learn more about coffee and breast cancer.

Potatoes - Choose Wisely to Create a Healthy Diet
Potatoes are high on the glycemic index -- meaning that they can raise your blood sugar levels. Since cancer thrives on sugar, too many potatoes are not good. You can include potatoes in a healthy diet, if you pick the right varieties and cooking methods. Learn more about potatoes and the glycemic index here.

Will Grapefruit Really Increase My Risk of Developing Breast Cancer?
Grapefruit has been praised and scorned - used as a diet tool, as an aid to cancer treatment, and recently as a food that increases your risk of breast cancer. So what can you believe?

Vitamins and Minerals in Your Diet - Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
Vitamins and minerals are some of the smart choices to add to food, drink, and exercise. Keeping off excess pounds means balancing all these factors, to lower your overall risk for cancers, especially breast cancer. There's no particular vitamin or food that guarantees you won't develop breast cancer, or have a recurrence of it. But a healthy...

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