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Updated December 11, 2008

Definition: An anthocyanidin is a sugarless plant pigment, usually red or blue or variations on those colors, that has antioxidant, antiplatelet, and wound-healing properties. Anthocyanidins are a type of flavonoid, a potent substance with antioxidant activity, which may help fight heart disease and cancer.
Pronunciation: AN-tho-sigh-an-ah-din
Common Misspellings: anthrocyanadin
Although their names are similar, don't confuse anthocyanins, their sugar-containing counterparts, with anthocyanidins, which are sugar-free (aglycone). Anthocyanidins are found in cranberries and many other brilliantly colored fruits and vegetables. In some studies, anthocyanidins have been effective in suppressing cell growth of stomach, colon, lung, and breast cancer. Since anthocyanins prevent platelets from sticking together, they prevent blood clots, which helps reduce your risk of heart disease.
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