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FaceBook Game 'I like it on ...' For Breast Cancer Awareness - Play With Care

By October 8, 2010

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Facebook About Breast Cancer Fan Page, Photo © Pam Stephan

Remember when women were posting their bra colors on their FaceBook status?  That was supposed to raise breast cancer awareness.  You'd see a lot of 'pink,' 'black,' beige,' and - my favorite - 'none!'  It was fun, sometimes embarrassing, titillating, and revealing - but it did not raise funds for research or patient support.  It was free, and it got people talking, and eventually word leaked out that the 'bra color game' was about breast cancer.  The latest game being played is the 'I like it on ...' game on FaceBook.

You may receive an invitation to play, with a message saying, "This year's game has to do with your handbag/purse, where we put our handbag the moment we get home for example 'I like it on the couch', 'kitchen counter', 'the dresser' well you get the idea. Just put your answer as your status with nothing more than that, and forward this message to all your friends." That's fairly suggestive, and has already embarrassed the children of several women who are playing the game!  Like the bra color game, it does not raise funds, does not mention breast cancer, and has a gently risqué tone.

Seems harmless doesn't it?  Before you post your purse's location, think a minute about what else is on your FaceBook Profile page.  Is your city listed there?  home address?  work address?  phone number?  any other clue to your whereabouts?  If so, think about updating your Privacy Settings, or being very careful about how you play this game.  An unscrupulous person on FaceBook, or a friend of a friend who can see your status posts may also see your physical location, and be ready to snatch your purse, since you've made it easy for them to find it.

Don't get me wrong - I'm on FaceBook and I played both games, but I am careful about what info I put out in public.  I am over 30, so I didn't grow up on the internet and don't live a very public life online.  I do work and socialize with both feet firmly planted on the World Wide Web, but I like to be cautious with my web security.  So while I may tell my Facebook Friends that 'I like it where I can get it quickly,' - you can be sure I don't say where that is, precisely!

If you do want to raise awareness for breast cancer this month, then go on a Komen Walk, join an Avon 3-Day, do a Relay For Life, or purchase some Pink Ribbon products.  What do you plan to do for BCAM?

October 8, 2010 at 3:08 pm
(1) Arlin Cuncic says:

I agree that these games get people talking but don’t necessarily raise funds or awareness about breast cancer. I participated in this latest game (“I like it on my desk”) but didn’t get a single comment! Now I’m left wondering a) why no one thinks it is strange that I would post this, and b) whether I should comment on my own status so people know what I was talking about. Just a word of warning that you never know what will happen when you post to your status!

October 18, 2010 at 10:12 pm
(2) Destiny says:

While I also agree it may not raise funds by playing the games… it still raises awareness and awareness helps raise funds… When I receive an invite it mentions we are doing the game for breast cancer… now if that isn’t making us aware or making us think about breast cancer! I don’t know what else you call it…. I can bet a lot of the women who participate in the posts contribute in other areas towards finding a cure to Breast Cancer… Awareness is key and the more we are aware the more likely we will be likely to contribute to the funding of finding a cure… I can tell you fun helps some people get through tough times including friends I know who have been through cancer and other diseases… I have seen far more worse embarrassing things on Facebook then the games we play… We have to start somewhere and if it starts with a game it starts with a game…

October 20, 2010 at 10:58 am
(3) Mark Thurston says:

In addition to Pam’s “what happens at FaceBook, does NOT stay at FaceBook” post, There are many, what I feel are, inappropriate ‘breast cancer awareness’ businesses. ‘‘Save the (any immature name for breasts)’ Or ‘I Love (any immature name for breasts)’ Do, (in my opinion) more harm than good.

There ARE those with breast cancer that have been through horrible incidents in their life that those ‘lowest common denominator’ type campaigns not only offend, but actually hurt!. Why someone with the purported goal of helping has to do so at others expense, is beyond my ability to understand. These ‘lowest common denominator’ type businesses typically give between 5 and 25% of their net to research, awareness and help etc. THAT is NOT BC awareness, That is BC EXPLOITATION! How some ‘organizations’ get 501 status is beyond me.

The ‘argument’ I have had used most in their defense have been, ‘Without going the sex route, less people would give a rat’s tail about breast cancer.’ IF that is true, do we really want people who can only be swayed to help through sexual innuendo to be helping? The thought of someone posting ‘Save the (immature name for breasts)’ and then laughing while sitting alone in front of their computer, I find slightly disturbing. Wouldn’t you?

I do not think most people ‘taken in’ by these campaigns are even aware of the low donation percentage they typically give. The campaigns themselves seem to be more about the sex than about saving lives and the increasing people’s quality of life.

When it comes time to help with a donation, give to a real BC charity, one that gives most of what it raises to actual BC research and support. The percentages of where each dollar goes should be on the front page of most ‘real’ BC charities.

Raising awareness about breast cancer? Good. Doing so at the expense of hurting other people? BAD!

My opinion, only.


October 22, 2010 at 1:44 pm
(4) IFRS says:

just wondering why are all these games only for women and none of them for men…

December 2, 2010 at 7:51 pm
(5) Oh Mark.... says:

How are we being stupid? Or immature? Or HARMING anyone else?
Saying “I love boobies” (which is what most people say, is not hurting anyone else. Yeah, there are people that have been through serious operations that hurt, but that’s why they dot that, to save someone else’s.
And still, 5 to 25% is a great amount of money considering how many people have bought, for example, I love boobies bracelets. They’ve made at least millions of dollars, so at least 100,000 dollars go to BC. You know how much that would help?
Yes, I believe you should donate to charities, but wearing, again, for example, those bracelets shows your pride and support too.
And…how is that about sex? I’ve seen many people, young and old, wearing them. Boobies is another word for breasts. Noting wrong with that.

Think before you make a statement.

Pretty much your opinion only,
I-love-boobies supporter.

September 23, 2011 at 9:49 am
(6) Veena says:

every woman should care of her health and do the needful.

October 29, 2013 at 6:59 am
(7) Marge says:

Im just looking for someone to talk to in these early morns I get up, and cant sleep about how I now have Stage 3 breast cancer after years of having 2 other kinds of cancers, like bladder cancer I have had since 2008, finnannaly my doc said it was gone, after many surgerys, and treatments, then 2 days later I feel a lump in my left breast above my heart, that I had open heart surgery on 3yrs ago. Feelining so upset about all of this.

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