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Plasticizers and Breast Cancer

By August 26, 2006

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BPA is a plasticizer that is found in water bottles, CDs, DVDs, car parts, and household items. A new study shows that if you consume anything with BPA, either by drinking or absorbing it through your skin, the plasticizer will not be made harmless by your body processes. When you consume a plasticizer, it may easily enter your bloodstream and cause your estrogen levels to increase. The increase of estrogen, whether it is natural or synthetic, increases your risk of breast and ovarian cancers. The study was published in PhysicsOrg.com by Theodore Widlanski, a biochemist at Indiana University, Bloomington. Read more about estrogen and breast cancer.
September 8, 2006 at 5:55 pm
(1) Patricia says:

Well, i haven’t drank out of those plastics since 1998 anyway, I am already environmentally, chemically sensitive,since mid 70′s. I never knew how to clean up my air & water & food til Dec.97. So, besides that, i do whatever i can to keep from not getting cancer too, as well as reacting on a daily basis. Tnx for listening. Take care & God bless.

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