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Readers Respond: During breast cancer treatment, here's how to use little pillows:

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Updated June 16, 2009

Did you use comfort pillows during or after treatment for breast cancer? I had a small rectangular pillow that I held under my arm, slipped under my seatbelt, and sat on at church. If you used a comfort pillow, or made one for someone else, how did it help? What's your best ways to use little comfort pillows?

Sleeping comfort after mastectomy

After my mastectomy, the hospital's breast program's nurse brought me a small rectangle pillow to place under my armpit for comfort when in bed. Though appreciative of the gift, I found it didn't stay in place. My daughter gave me a neck pillow and it stays in my underarm even when I'm asleep. This supports my arm and greatly increases my comfort. My pillow was from an airline but neck pillows are found in many stores. I'm now sewing them too to donate to the hospital.

My Treasured Pillow

I held my pillow on my chest while traveling to and from doctor after bilateral mastectomy. Then i used it as hand rest on my bed.Sometimes i used it to soak up my tears, when i did not want my husband to know i was crying at nights. Now, almost two years later, i cannot sleep without my comfy pillow on my bed.
—Guest Precious D

Breast support pillow

Based on your description, the Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow could be of help also with supporting the breast after reconstruction: http://www.cushiepushie.com/

Special pillows

My mother passed away in 2004 from a long battle with breast cancer. I know how useful little pillows can be. That's why I created a pillow especially for women with this need. I have sold to hospitals, individuals with the disease and given these to loved ones who have it. We have received a great response. Please check it out. http://gracedesignco.etsy.com
—Guest GraceDesignCo

My little pillow

I had intravenous chemo, and my arm that it was in hurt from the many injections they gave me. I brought this little pillow my daughter made in Kindergarten (it had happy faces and butterflies on it).It was just the right size for the arm to rest on. Later that night I used it for my neck and other places on my lower back that had been stressed that day. Without it, the day would have not been as pleasant.
—Guest debbie/Az.

My Favorite Pillow!

This pillow (http://twitpic.com/7le1w) was made for me by my Kaua'i support group when I moved back to California. I hug it whenever I miss them!
—Guest AprilCapil

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