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Readers Respond: Best Free Stuff You Got During Breast Cancer Treatment

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Updated August 31, 2010

Free stuff is helpful during breast cancer treatment when your money is tight. You may have gotten free wigs, hats, caps, scarves and other items. Perhaps you got a free makeover, or free rides to the clinic. Whatever your freebie was, it helped you along the way back to good health. Tell about the best free stuff you received during breast cancer treatment. Was it a handmade cap, a home-cooked meal, or an encouraging book? Share your best free stuff here.


I get free nourishment drinks and family enrichment boxes from the Cancer Fund of America. ANY TYPE CANCER qualifies. Do not even have to pay postage and they have a lot of free items. Their phone is 800-578-5284 and the online site is Cancer Fund of America.
—Guest WildaRuth

What happened to MY gas card?

I lived in a rural area of Arizona and the drive to radiation and chemo in the winter was daunting. Because of my treatments and my being the last one hired they laid me off. I really needed a gas card to get me through all the other bad stuff I had to go through. If they give these cards to the people in the cities, why not in a rural area? I did my best to get help from the American Cancer Society, but they said I was too far out.
—Guest mokie

Gas gift card

I received a gas card from the American Cancer Society and another one from a friend. I was traveling about 100 miles a day for radiation and it really was appreciated.
—Guest Mary McGuire

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