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Relay For Life, Komen Walk, Making Strides Events

Share Your Story: Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness With Events and Fundraisers

By Lorayne Jean Dille

Updated November 07, 2010

My Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Relay for Life in Oregon City, Oregon for all cancers that touch many men and women. I do the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and then I do the Komen Walk. These events give me hope when can meet other people in the same boat. These many cancer walks help me concentrate on my continued survivor status. I talk to the many people about their current situation and how they are doing. It is inspirational to me to share my story with breast cancer.

How I Celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness

I was a participant in the many cancer walks. I speak out about my breast cancer to make more people educated about the awful disease. I talk about early detection. I have a sister that still has not gotten her mammograms even tho I had breast cancer. I will keep working on her. I bought some breast cancer bracelets and a long scarf that has the breast cancer symbol all over it. I wear lots of pink now. Fortunately the color looks good on me. Wearing pink lets me get my story out.

Lessons Learned

  • I have a new perspective on life since my breast cancer.
  • I am much more verbal about early detection with mammograms.
  • I am very thankful for my Norwegian blood line because it allowed me to keep fighting for the cause.
  • I have gotten 6 more birthdays since my diagnosis. I am also thankful for the miracles that helped me live at birth. I was just over 1 pound at birth in Oct. 1951. I was not supposed to live to my current birthday at 59 years old. I beat the odds.
  • My main message here is to encourage men and women fight back. Lorayne

Pam Stephan, About.com Breast Cancer, says:

I think Lorayne has really found her mission in raising awareness and funds for the cause. She is a fighter and she doesn't give up!

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