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Reader Stories: Pictures of Your Life After Breast Cancer


Updated May 24, 2010

You made it through a diagnosis of breast cancer and all the treatments, emotions and stresses - and now you're a survivor! You're a member of the over two million that, in 2007, were still living after a diagnosis of breast cancer. You are living proof that there is life after breast cancer!

What changes and challenges come with survival? Perhaps you really treasure each day or maybe climb mountains, learn new skills, or take more risks. Whatever change you made, show us an event, accomplishment, or activity that is significant to you now. Send in a photo and a short description of your life after breast cancer.

Two-Time Survivor

I decided I had to live for my daughter who was eight the first time it hit me so I acted aggressively towards this disease. I am still that way now...I also allowed myself my real feelings and there…More

Inspired By My Son To Become A Survivor

I had my first diagnoses in July of 2010 and after a lumpectomy and several other surgeries and tests I decided to have a mastectomy. That was hard but I recovered only to find out that in Nov I was …More

Surviving Breast Cancer With Class

I wanted to help other women currently fighting breast cancer by sharing my own experience. I wanted to make their journey a little easier. So I am currently editing all blogs and organizing them int…More

Embracing Change and a Hot Air Balloon

I never thought of myself as a vain person until I had to shave my head. At that point I did feel helpless and out of control. I prayed and found some peace within myself knowing that my hair did not…More

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