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Best Friends Bag

Reader Reviews: What's In Your Chemo Tote Bag?

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Ann Smith

Updated October 19, 2011

Best Friends Bag

Best Friends Forever Chemo Bag

Chemo Tote Bag Items

Chemo Tote Bag: 

Best Friends Bag

My Review 

I found the perfect gift for my dear friend and wanted to let others know of this remarkable item. It is the new BFFL (Best Friends For Life) bag and it was designed for patients facing breast cancer. Inside the bag are all the items a woman undergoing breast cancer treatment needs. It is ready to go. No shopping around. The bag includes the Axilla Pilla, a silky pillow that fits under the arm after lymph nodes dissection. Also included is a drain care pouch with instructions, drain sponges, alcohol pads, gloves, paper tape, purell wipes, Carmex lip balm, Allergen eye drops, toothbrushes, Kleenex, fold up water bottle, brush/mirror, fuzzy socks, and more. All these necessities are in one beautiful bag.

Most Important Items 

Axilla Pilla, a heart shaped silky pillow that fits under the arm to provide comfort to the underarm after lymph nodes are tested.

Also included is a drain care pouch with instructions, drain sponges, alcohol pads, gloves, paper tape, and Purell wipes.

Comfort Essentials 

My friend loved it! So much better than flowers, or candy, or a book. Something she could really use. Find it at bfflco.com.

Snacks And Drinks 

Water, mints.

Keeping Busy 

Deck of cards, DVDs

I took a tote bag with me: 


Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Pam Stephan, About.com Breast Cancer, says:

This would be a thoughtful gift for any women who has recently had breast surgery and is facing cancer treatments. It is a little expensive, but loaded with comfort items and info.

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