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What To Expect As You Go Into Treatment

As you go into treatment for breast cancer, you will need to know what to expect. Your schedule of appointments, follow-up visits, quality of life, and possible emergencies need to be managed. Knowing what to expect before you go into treatment for breast cancer helps you stay in control.

How Will Breast Cancer Change My Life?
Sitting on the exam table in the doctor's office, I was watching my surgeon pace and sympathetically shake his head. "You will never be quite the same after this," he said. Having discussed my surgical options, we had finally agreed on a lumpectomy . Dr. Worchel wanted to be sure that I knew how breast cancer was about to change my life. Having cared for his wife and her mother through their own…

Paying For Breast Cancer Treatment
Before you start paying for breast cancer treatment, you need to know the projected cost and how you're going to pay for your treatment. You already know that paying for breast cancer treatment will be expensive, so check out your options now. You can get help to pay for breast cancer treatment.

Compare The Cost And Effectiveness of Tamoxifen and Aromatase…
Tamoxifen and Arimidex are two hormone therapy drugs that are important to prevent recurrence of hormone-sensitive breast cancer. Compare the cost and effectiveness of Tamoxifen and Arimidex, and get some tips on saving your money. Don't skip taking Tamoxifen or Arimidex if you had hormone-sensitive breast cancer.

Know the Costs of Neupogen and Neulasta
After a cycle of chemo, if your white blood cell counts drop, you may need a shot of Neupogen or Neulasta. Before you take chemo or have a shot, understand the reasons for it as well as the costs for Neupogen and Neulasta.

Breast Cancer Treatment And Recovery Times
Breast cancer treatment and recovery takes time out of your busy life. If you're trying to figure out how long your breast cancer treatment and recovery will take, here is some good information. Learn more about breast cancer treatment and recovery times here.

Radiation Treatment Appointments, Simulation and Sessions
Before starting radiation, you need to know that to expect from radiation treatment sessions. You can incorporate time for radiation treatments into your work schedule and busy life. The amount of time you will need for radiation sessions depends on the type of treatments you will have. Learn more about radiation treatments, simulation and sessions here.

Chemotherapy Appointments, Schedules and Cycles
Having chemotherapy appointments and follow-up visits will need become part of your schedule of treatment for breast cancer. Chemotherapy appointments may set up for every three weeks or weekly, depending on what you need. Learn more about the schedule of your chemotherapy appointments here.

Handling an Emergency During Breast Cancer Treatment
You can handle a breast cancer emergency if you can recognize the symptoms and take appropriate actions. Not all patients will have a breast cancer emergency, but being prepared with a list of symptoms and their severity as well as knowing when to get help, can make a great difference. Learn how to handle a breast cancer emergency here.

Should I Tell My Kids I Have Breast Cancer?
Should you tell your kids you have breast cancer? If you should tell your kids about your diagnosis of breast cancer, when and how do you tell them? Get help with telling your kids about breast cancer here.

Can I still go to work while I'm in treatment for breast cancer?
Can you still go to work while you're in treatment for breast cancer? Perhaps you're wondering if you can keep working while you're in treatment for breast cancer. Consider your health, your treatment plan, and your financial situation – then decide on whether or not to go to work while you're in treatment for breast cancer.

Staying Healthy at Work During Breast Cancer Treatment

Staying healthy at work is always a good thing, but when you're in breast cancer treatment, it becomes more important.  Cancer treatments often come with some side effects, such as a weakened immune system, fatigue, nausea, pain or chemo brain.  Since you may be more vulnerable to workplace germs right now, take some simple actions to stay healthy at work.

Reconstruction or No Reconstruction
For anyone with Breast Cancer facing a mastectomy, one of the main issues to be decided is whether to undergo reconstruction. In my case, it was never

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