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Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Learn Your Risks, Responsibilities, and Ways to Raise Awareness


Updated October 05, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is a great time to educate and empower yourself for the best breast health. Every October, pink ribbons appear all around – from cans of soup in the grocery store to stylish bracelets and lapel pins. But how does all that pink relate to breast health and breast cancer? The pink ribbons remind of our risks, responsibilities, and raising breast cancer awareness.

Learn About Your Risks

Woman With Books for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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Anyone with breast tissue – men and women – is at risk for developing breast cancer.  But only one percent of men and one in eight women will develop breast cancer.  Knowing your risks – and what you can do to reduce your risks – is a great way to raise your personal breast cancer awareness.

Make Some Healthy Changes

Woman Swimmer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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Take charge of some basic habits to lower your risk of breast cancer.  Making these healthy changes will improve your overall health as well!  Living healthier and longer is just another benefit of breast cancer awareness.

Keep Your Dates

Woman Doctor for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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Your breast health is your responsibility.  Set up regular dates to guard your breast health, and keep track of changes, screenings, and test results.  Remember that early detection does save lives, and you are your own first line of defense.  Being aware of your breast health is in your hands.

Support The Cause

Playtex Moonwalk
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There are many ways to enjoy Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  You can make a difference and support the cause while having a good time, getting some exercise, and writing a check.  Choose to get involved with survivors and supporters – you'll be glad you did.

Celebrate Super Survivors

Super Pink Ribbon
Illustration © Pam Stephan

So many lives have been touched by breast cancer – you probably know several people that you could celebrate.  Survival rates are on the rise, as detection and treatments improve.  Let's appreciate these smart, tough, super survivors!

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