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Relay for Life 2007, Texas State University

Support for Survivors and Fund-raising for Cancer Research


Updated April 25, 2007

Imagine this scene: A football stadium at night, the field covered with 548 students. They are set up in 68 teams, ready to camp out in tents and run laps for twelve hours. Music pours from the disk jockey's tent, with songs about strength and survival. A gospel choir sings the National Anthem, and the event is declared officially open.
You, a breast cancer survivor, are walking in the Victory Lap, opening the Relay For Life®. The field is full of young people, on their feet, clapping, smiling, cheering and taking your photo as you and other survivors pass by.
The American Cancer Society Relay For Life® is a national fundraising effort, organized and sponsored by local communities. A Relay® can take place anytime and is often an annual event. Participants walk, run, or jog around a track raise money per lap completed. Despite a Texas thunderstorm, donations of $67,083.00 were collected after the Relay® that I attended at Texas State University on April 13 and 14, 2007.
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Early teams set up their tentsEarly teams set up their tentsAn early team of students arrives for registration.A team of students arrives early for registration.Jinna Bowers at Registration TableJinna Bowers at Relay for Life Registration TableTent city setup.Teams set up a tent city in Bobcat Stadium
Hispanic Business Student Association Hispanic Business Student Association TentSurvivors enjoyed a free supper.Survivor SupperGospel Expressions gospel choir sings at openingGospel Expressions Gospel Choir Serenades the Relay for LifeBreast Cancer Support Group BannerBreast Cancer Support Group Ready for the first lap of Relay
Survivor CoupleSurvivor Couple Stands close togetherSue BiedermannSue Biedermann, Dr. Scott Lawson, and Dr. David C. JonesLuminariaLuminaria Encourages Survivors and Relay PartipantsStorm WalkWalking As a Texas Thunderstorm Moves In
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