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Support strategies for you during and after treatment. Read about support groups, their benefits and drawbacks. Learn about getting help at home, and advice for family and friends.
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The Perfect Gift for a Cancer Patient

Breast Cancer and Medical Apps Applications
Write a review of breast cancer and medical apps (applications) that you've used on a smartphone, iPad, laptop computer, or another electronic device. Tell how this breast cancer app worked - or failed to work - to solve a problem or answer a question. Submit your review of breast cancer apps and medical apps here. See submissions See submissions

Social Media and Online Cancer Support
Use social media networks to get emotional and practical support during breast cancer treatment. Get information, updates, and quick cancer support anytime on social media. Learn more about how to use social sites for cancer help here.

Gifts – The Best and Worst Gift You Received During or After Breast…
Did you get a gift during or after breast cancer treatment that wasn't appropriate for you? Perhaps the gift was well-meant, but way off-target for you. Share the story of your worst gift and why you didn't appreciate it.

Worst Gifts for a Breast Cancer Survivor
Gifts are wonderful – most of the time.  But sometimes we pick the wrong gift to give.  When you're choosing a gift for a breast cancer survivor, there are some things you should steer clear of.  Here's a list of five things you should not buy for your favorite surv

Breast Cancer and the Pink Ribbon Symbol
Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) has been with us now for 28 years.  But the pink ribbon symbol did not come about until around 20 years ago.  Here's a little background on the pink ribbon, and how it came to symbolize the cause of breast cancer.

10 Best Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets
A breast cancer awareness bracelet is an attractive way to show your support and raise funds for the cause. Sales of breast cancer bracelets help with fund raising efforts, and generate income for research programs and patient education. Here

Pink Ribbon Roundup - Shopping to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness
During October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can dress yourself from head to toe in items that will generate donations for research and patient support. You can even deck out your kitchen, or improve your exercise routine with pink ribbon products! Here's a great selection of items that raise awareness and raise funds at the...

Gifts for Mom
Looking for some way to honor your Mom or someone who has been like a Mother to you, and also want to support research for the Cure? Here are some great places to start looking. Find a range of gifts, from a donation that honors your Mom, to a beautiful crystal bowl of candies.

5 Top-Rated Pink Ribbon Charities
This year, if you want to make a financial gift to help support breast cancer research, provide mammograms for needy women, or raise awareness through educational efforts, make the most of your tax-deductible checks by giving to some of these national non-profit organizations that spend more on support that they spend on themselves! I've...

Your Snappy Comebacks To Insensitive Breast Cancer Comments
If you are in treatment for breast cancer, you might be feeling somewhat fragile or sensitive on the topic. Even during a time like this, you may get insensitive questions and remarks from friends, family, and strangers. I even got embarrassing questions from women in my support group! Having a snappy comeback prepared can help.

Breast Cancer and Pink Ribbon Donations - Does Shopping Really Help?
If you shop for the Cause - finding the Cure, preventing breast cancer, benefiting patients, do your donations really help? Learn how to shop and donate wisely.

Support Groups for Breast Cancer
Are support groups beneficial or controversial? What are some possible benefits of a support group? There are alternative, or virtual support groups for patients, family members, and caregivers.

Relay for Life 2007, Texas State University
Relay for Life 2007, Breast Cancer Fund Raising Event at Texas State University, Bobcat Stadium. The American Cancer Society sponsors Relay for Life events across the country to raise funds for cancer research, to offer support for survivors, honor those who have passed away, and to involve communities. The event was organized by students at the university, and many local businesses provided food and drink for the 68 teams that participated. $67,083.00 was raised at this event.

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness With Events and Fundraisers
Breast cancer awareness is best when celebrated in groups, with survivors and supporters gathered together for the cause. Breast cancer awareness...See submissions

Taking Responsibility for Our Own Actions
After all, I am not a doctor. What do I know about breast cancer treatments? But, I just could not shake the feeling that there was something wrong

A Smile Changes Everything
It wasnt all that long ago when I was receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer, not one time but two times that made me wonder if I'd ever smile again.

Breast Cancer: Focusing on the Positive
You've been diagnosed with breast cancer. You're in a shock and fearful in regard to what you have to face and whether you're going to live or die.

Monitoring Your Medications
Just about every breast cancer survivor has a number of medications that they are taking on a daily basis. Hopefully, a single doctor has prescribed them, or if prescribed by multiple doct

Stress and Breast Cancer
I was having a discussion with a recent breast cancer survivor earlier this week and we started talking about what we thought may have been the most

What About Finding Internet Friends?

What About the Children?
It wasn’t long into writing my blog when I started hearing from children. They'd tell me about how their mothers or grandmothers had breast cancer

What Do We Expect From Our Doctors?
If we are undergoing treatment for breast cancer, it is our responsibility to address our medical situations as adults and allow for our doctors...

Who’s Caring For Those Who Are Giving Care?

You Are Not Alone
No matter your needs or your level of involvement with your own Breast Cancer care, it helps to know that assistance and people who care are just a quick

Dare To Be Great
I know a spouse who was the caregiver for his wife through her Breast Cancer lumpectomy, her double mastectomy, her breast reconstruction surgery...

Music and Healing
But I do know that until recently, I was missing out on one of the most wonderful opportunities to help in my breast cancer healing. But I do know...

No Man (or Woman) Is An Island
Let’s talk about the Breast Cancer patient first. Of course, there are always those who believe that they can do anything by themselves but this is...

Reconstruction or No Reconstruction
For anyone with Breast Cancer facing a mastectomy, one of the main issues to be decided is whether to undergo reconstruction. In my case, it was never

The Doctor/Patient Relationship
To me, the right doctor/patient relationships are the single most important factors in any breast cancer journey that a person takes.

The Financial Repercussions of Breast Cancer
According to a recent study, one-quarter of breast cancer survivors are worse off financially four years after their diagnosis, and 12...

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