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Learn more about Q - R - S - T Breast Cancer Medical Terms.

Quercetin is a plant compound that occurs in alliums - onions, garlic, shallots - as well as in apples. Can it help prevent cancer? Learn more about quercetin here.

Radiologist - Definition of Medical Doctor, Breast Cancer Specialist
A radiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the reading and interpretation of X-rays and other medical images.

Rectus Abdominus Muscles
Your rectus abdominus muscles stretch all the way from your pubic area up to your central ribs and sternum. Learn what functions the rectus abdominus muscles serve.

Recurrence – Definition of Breast Cancer Recurrence
After a remission of cancer, if signs or symptoms of cancer reappear, that is called a "recurrence" or "relapse." A recurrence may be local or distant.

Relative Survival Rates Definition
Your oncologist may talk about your relative survival rate. Knowing your relative survival rate, after you are diagnosed with breast cancer, affects your treatment decisions. Learn the definition of relative survival rates here.

Remission - Definition of Breast Cancer Remission
After treatment is complete, if no signs of cancer can be found, the disease is declared to be in remission.

Saponin - Medical Definition of Saponin
Saponins occur in plants and in a few sea creatures. You may notice saponins primarily in cooked dried beans, when the pot liquor foams up. Find out how saponins are used.

Sarcoma - Definition of Sarcoma in Breast Cancer
A sarcoma is a type of tumor that is found in connective tissue. Sarcoma is not the same as a carcinoma. Learn more about sarcoma here.

Sentinel Node Biopsy - Definition of Sentinel Node Biopsy - Diagnosis, Staging
Sentinel node biopsy is a surgical diagnostic procedure done to remove (biopsy) a small sample of lymph nodes to which the cancer may be draining. Learn how this is different from axillary node dissection.

Simple Intravenous (IV) Line Definition
There are several types of IV lines for infusions. A simple IV is very common. Simple IVs may be used in hospitals and clinics. Learn the definition of a simple IV here.

Stem Cell Definition
Stem cells are "generic" cells that can divide themselves into exact copies, and divide themselves into specific cell types. Learn more about stem cells.

Sulcus - Definition
A sulcus is a fold or fissure. Learn how the term sulcus is used for the breast.

Technetium - Definition of Technetium - Breast Cancer Imaging Agent
Technetium is a chemical used in nuclear medicine to locate cancer tumors and for other imaging purposes. It is a nuclear medicine tracer agent, and is given through an intravenous (IV) line or by injection.

Technetium - Definition of Technetium, A Nuclear Medicine Tracer Agent
Technetium is a chemical element used in nuclear medicine to locate cancer tumors and for other imaging purposes. It is used during lymphoscintigraphy (imaging for a sentinel lymph node test) and for a MuGA scan (Multiple Gate Acquisition scan) before Adriamycin can be given to treat breast cancer.

Thermography Definition – Breast Thermography
Breast Thermography may be used as a compliment to mammography. Breast Thermography does not replace a mammogram, but it helps image your breast in a different way. Learn more about Breast Thermography here.

Tissue Expander Definition
Tissue expanders are used in breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Tissue expanders are not the same as breast implants. Learn more about breast tissue expanders here.

3D Conformal Radiation Therapy Definition
3D Conformal Radiation Therapy (3DCRT) may be used to treat cancers in the brain, spine, liver, prostate and breast. 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy is a type of external beam radiation treatment. Learn more about 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy here.

Seroma - Medical Definition of Seroma
A seroma can occur after surgery or breast brachytherapy. Seromas may be painful or cause mild discomfort. Learn more about seromas here.

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