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Nipple and Areola Health

Nipples and areolas are the crowning touch on your breasts. Your nipple is at the working end of your breast milk system, and as such gets plenty of attention. Nipples and areolas are complex and deserve your care to keep them healthy. Learn more about nipples and areolas here.

Nipple or Subareolar Abscess Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
A nipple or a subareolar abscess can cause a lump and pain. If you think you have a subareolar abscess, be sure you know the symptoms of this benign breast condition. Understand the causes and treatments for a subareolar abscess. Learn more about a nipple or a subareolar abscess here.

All About Nipple and Areola Health
Nipple and areola health is important to maintain. Nipples and areolas need to be healthy during breastfeeding, but you should be aware of your nipple health all your life. Learn about your nipple anatomy, nipple changes, nipple discharge, nipple pain, and nipple reconstruction. Find out all about nipple and areola health here.

The Third Nipple – A Physical Accessory From Birth
Having a third nipple or even a fourth nipple is fairly common. Extra nipples get started before you're born, but are often mistaken for moles or freckles. Third nipples are the subject of myth, legend, and at least one famous movie. Learn more about third nipples here.

Milk Lines Definition
Milk lines appear in all embryonic mammals. Learn the purpose of milk lines and their role in breast development. Read more about milk lines here.

What Are The Parts of a Nipple and Areola?
Breast anatomy is complex and important to reproductive and breastfeeding health. To focus on one aspect of breast anatomy, let's examine the nipple structure. Find out what's inside a nipple and how those parts relate to health and disease.

The Ins and Outs of Nipple Changes
Nipple changes can occur in response to a lover's caress, a baby's cry, during breastfeeding, or sometimes from a medical condition. Not all nipple changes are breast cancer, but knowing which are expected changes and which are signs of disease is critical to your breast health.

Inverted Nipples, Retracted Nipples, and Nipple Changes
Do you know the difference between inverted nipples, retracted nipples, and erect nipples? Inverted nipples may be normal for some women. Learn how to identify the variations on inverted, retracted, and erect nipples, and when to get medical help.

Benigh Nipple Discharge
Nipple discharge is fluid that comes from the nipple. It may be different colors and textures. Most of the time, it is not malignant. Learn more about nipple discharge here.

Paget's Disease of the Nipple
Paget’s disease of the nipple or breast is a rare type of breast cancer, which can occur in women and men. It shows up in and around the nipple. Learn more about Paget’s disease of the nipple here.

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