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Normal Fatty Breast Tissue on a Mammogram

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Updated February 07, 2012

On this mammogram you can see dark areas that are normal fatty tissues; the lighter areas are denser tissue which contains ducts, lobes, and other features.
Normal Fatty Breast Tissue

Normal Fatty Breast Tissue on a Mammogram

National Cancer Institute
Description: This is a mammogram of a normal fatty breast, typical of older women. A mammogram image of abnormal lesions, benign lumps, or breast cancer is more accurate in non-dense breasts. Any diagnosis would require a biopsy to confirm the findings on the mammogram.

Mammograms work best on fatty breasts because they have fewer areas of density (lighter masses). Breast masses which usually cause concern are lighter than normal dense tissue. Young women, especially those who have not had children, usually have dense and rather firm breast tissue. Mammography equipment can be adjusted to image dense or fatty tissue, but are most accurate on fatty tissue.

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