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Normal Dense Breast Tissue on a Mammogram

Mammogram Details


Updated February 06, 2012

On this mammogram image, dark areas are fatty tissue, light areas are denser tissue which contain ducts, lobes, and other findings. Lighter areas of a mammogram reveal breast tissue that may be glandular (part of the milk system) or breast masses.
Normal Dense Breast Tissue

Normal Dense Breast Tissue on a Mammogram

National Cancer Institute
Description: Shown are 2 mammograms of normal dense breasts. A dense breast makes a mammographic image difficult to read when -- and if -- cancerous lesions are present. These images are typical of younger women's breasts.

Premenopausal women, especially women who have never been pregnant, may have dense breast tissue. These are normal dense breasts. Because fatty breasts are easier for a mammogram to see through, dense breast tissue can sometimes hide outlines of areas that need closer study. If a particular area needs a better image, an ultrasound is usually the next step.

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