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Breast Implant on a Mammogram

Mammogram Details


Updated February 09, 2012

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This mammogram shows two views of a reconstructed breast with a silicone breast implant. Mammograms taken after a diagnosis of breast cancer are important screening tests. There is no evidence of breast cancer in these images.
Mammogram With Implants

Mammogram With Implants

Image © Pam Stephan
Description: Shown is a mammogram taken after a left breast mastectomy and reconstruction with a breast implant. Original diagnosis of this patient was Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

Mammograms can be performed on breast implants, if less compression is used than what is required on natural breast tissue. In both views of this breast reconstruction, the implant appears as a light, smooth-sided area. This implant is inserted into a pocket of chest walls muscle. The chest wall muscle appears as the medium-dark areas just outside the implant.

Note that the crainal-caudal view (taken from overhead) shows a smaller area than the mediolateral view (taken on a diagonal). This clearly show the benefit of two different views of the same breast. In the mediolateral view (on the right) axillary tissue as well as chest wall muscle can be seen.

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