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Fibrocystic Breast Tissue on a Mammogram

Mammogram Details


Updated February 06, 2012

A mammogram will show dense and fatty areas of tissue. A cyst, fibroadenoma or a solid area (tumor) appears on a mammogram as a dense mass.
Fibrocystic Breast Tissue

Fibrocystic Breast Tissue on a Mammogram

National Cancer Institute
Description: This mammogram shows thickened areas that are typical of fibrocystic changes. You can also see some ducts, by the patterns they form.

Normal fibrocystic changes in your breast can be affected by monthly hormonal fluctuations that may taper off in menopause. About half of all women experience fibrocystic changes in their breasts, especially during their fertile years.

Fibroadenomas and cysts are benign masses that can appear in fibrocystic breast tissue. These can appear alone, or in groups, and are common on mammograms. These are not the same as fibrocystic changes in the breast.

Fibrocystic changes in the breast is usually not a sign of disease and does not require treatment. It can cause breast pain and lumpiness, so if this becomes a problem, visit your doctor for help.

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