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Mammogram and MRI Breast Images Comparison

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Updated February 07, 2012

Mammograms are the primary screening used for breast health, but for greater detail of a particular area, an MRI can capture a high contrast detailed image.
Mammogram and MRI Breast Images Comparison

Mammogram and MRI Breast Images Comparison

National Cancer Institute
Description: Breast imaging technology has changed over the years. Shown are mammography on the left and MRI on the right. Note that MRIs have an enhancement ability to confirm diagnosis.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can be used to get a clear, high contrast image of tissue. If a mammogram has shown a breast mass that seems worrisome, an ultrasound or an MRI can help get more accurate information about it. If the MRI confirms that a mass looks cancerous, a biopsy is the next step. Breast MRIs are much more expensive than mammograms, and the equipment is not as widely available. MRI technology is not used for routine breast screening, but for additional diagnostic imaging of abnormal tissue.

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