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Breast Calcifications on a Mammogram

Mammogram Details


Updated February 07, 2012

In this mammogram, the dark areas are normal fatty breast tissue and the lighter areas are denser tissue. The whiter spots are calcifications, indicated by the red arrows.
Breast Calcifications on a Mammogram

Breast Calcifications on a Mammogram

National Cancer Institute
Description: The findings on this abnormal mammogram are not necessarily cancerous. Here you can see breast calcifications through ductal patterns. This patient would have a follow-up mammogram in three months for a comparison.
Microcalcifications are tiny bits of calcium that may show up in clusters or in patterns (like circles) and are associated with extra cell activity in breast tissue. Usually the extra cell growth is not cancerous, but sometimes tight clusters of microcalcifications can indicate early breast cancer. Scattered microcalcifications are usually a sign of benign breast tissue.

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