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Mammogram Images, Descriptions and Details

What Do Breast Masses Look Like on a Mammogram?


Updated February 09, 2012

What shows up on your mammogram, and what does it look like? See what benign and malignant masses look like on a mammogram. Mammograms help with early detection and screening for breast cancer. You can see areas of dark and light, which correspond to normal and dense breast tissue. Breast masses will appear light (whiter) because they are denser than other features in the breast. Images are of actual mammograms, courtesy of the National Cancer Institute.

Please note: Red arrows were added to help you see the part of the image that is being featured.
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Normal Fatty Breast TissueNormal Fatty Breast Tissue on a MammogramNormal Dense Breast TissueNormal Dense Breast Tissue on a MammogramBreast Calcifications on a MammogramBreast Calcifications on a MammogramFibrocystic Breast TissueFibrocystic Breast Tissue on a Mammogram
Breast Cancer Tumor on MammogramBreast Tumor on a MammogramMammogram With ImplantsBreast Implant on a MammogramMammogram and MRI Breast Images ComparisonMammogram and MRI Breast Images Comparison
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