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Lands End Women's Mastectomy Hi Neck Slender Mastectomy Swimsuit

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Updated June 19, 2014

Women's Mastectomy Swimsuit

Women's Mastectomy Hi Neck Slender Mastectomy Swimsuit

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The Bottom Line

Women who were active before a mastectomy or want to do water exercise after breast surgery will find this swimsuit comfortable. It accommodates one or two breast prostheses, fits snugly and is modestly designed to flatter your figure. In addition, the fabric provides UPF 50 sun protection, helping prevent sunburn. High armholes hide scars from lymph node removal, and the high neck conceals scars, cleavage or the lack of cleavage. Durable and well-designed, this suit will last for several seasons and remain in good shape.


  • Shoulder straps are wide enough to be comfortable.
  • Breast prosthesis fits securely in pockets located within liner.
  • Extra-wide elastic under bra cups keeps suit in position.
  • Entire front panel is lined for comfort and modesty.
  • High neck and armholes hide surgical scars.


  • Must be hand-washed


  • Cost per suit: $82.50 to $92.50
  • Colors available: Agave Green, Black and Rich Brown
  • Sizes: 6 to 18 and 16W to 26W (color availability varies by size)
  • Pockets behind soft bra cups will securely hold prosthesis in place.
  • Fabric: Soft and smooth -- 69% nylon/31% Lycra® spandex; tricot overlay provides UPF 50 sun protection.
  • Matching Items: Pareo (coverup), Sleeveless Tunic Dress, Swim Miniskirt and Supplex Swim Shorts are also available.
  • Flattering Design: Side-seam shirring, from mid-breast to waistline, snugly fits your torso.
  • Easy-to-slip-on shoulder straps fold out of the way, creating a wide opening and ease for dressing.
  • Modest Styling: High neck and armholes cover breast and armpit scars. Generous fabric around bottom, snug fit around legs.
  • See the full collection: Lands End Mastectomy Swimsuit Collection

Guide Review - Lands End Women's Mastectomy Hi Neck Slender Mastectomy Swimsuit

One of a collection of fourteen Lands End mastectomy swimsuits, this one-piece, high-necked Lands End suit delivers on what you usually want in a swimsuit, with a bonus of pockets for breast prosthesis. Within the lining and behind the soft bra cups, you can slip your swimming prosthesis into the liner from the outside edge (as you would for a bra), where it will be held securely in place with extra elastic. Snug-fitting shoulder straps ensure that the bra will move naturally with you. Those of us with implants -- as well as those of us using a breast prosthesis -- will appreciate how well the high armholes hide lymph node surgical scars. The high neck of this suit camouflages your breast curves –- are they real or are they replacements? Nobody needs to know your business while you're wearing a swimsuit that is this well-designed.

Along the side seams, the fabric on the front panel is shirred to fit and flatter any figure snugly. Around the back, there's a good amount of fabric for your bottom. The leg holes are not too high but are cut at a modest 2-inch leg height to make your legs appear longer. The swimsuit fabric is very durable and soft (made of 69% nylon and 31% Lycra spandex, with a tricot overlay) and provides UPF 50 sun protection for your skin. I wish that these suits were machine-washable but must admit that my first Lands End mastectomy swimsuit (6 years old) has been hand-washed, and it still looks and feels good. Even at the price of $82.50 for a regular torso or $92.50 for a plus size, these suits are a good value and will give several years of enjoyment and comfort.

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