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DryDreams Hot Flash Nightgown Keeps You Sleeping Cool

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Updated May 31, 2012

DryDreams Signature Nightgown

DryDreams Signature Nightgown

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The Bottom Line

DryDreams classic long-sleeved nightgown is wicking sleepwear made of high-performance athletic fabric, designed to pull moisture away from your skin. Created from micropolyester, it is crafted in a special open structured knit, feels surprisingly cool, breathes well, and is efficient at pulling sweat away from your skin. Very silky to the touch, with well-finished seams, this nightgown keeps you cool and dry, even during night sweats.


  • Classic design, wide neck, nothing too fitted
  • Fabric feels silky, wicks moisture quickly, dries efficiently
  • Wrinkle-resistant, easy care, durable fabric that barely shrinks
  • Available in XS to XXXL. (Sizes 0-28)
  • 100% of all DryDreams Sleepwear profits are donated to cancer research


  • Sizes are cut a little large


  • Style: Classic square-necked bodice, gathered drape falling to gently ruffled hemline, long sleeves
  • Fabric: VISA® Comfort fine gauge micropolyester knit, moisture-wicking, bacteria-resistant, high performance athletic fabric
  • Quality: Carefully finished seams, well-turned hems, double-layered bodice seam undersewn to prevent rolling, very durable
  • Fit: Small/Medium (6-8-10) fit very loose, seemed too large, but very comfortable
  • Colors: White, Soft Pink and Charcoal Black
  • Price: $79.99 for any size or color
  • Sizes: Small/Medium (6-8-10) through Medium/Large (12-14-16)

Guide Review - DryDreams Hot Flash Nightgown Keeps You Sleeping Cool

If you have night sweats due to medical conditions (menopause, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, pregnancy) then you know the discomfort of waking up in drenched sleepwear. The DryDreams nightgown, made of high performance athletic fabric, actually pulls sweat away from your skin and allows it to quickly evaporate.

After Anne Best, a breast cancer survivor tried wearing her husband's high performance athletic wear to bed, she designed DryDreams. Surgery and chemotherapy left her with hot flashes and night sweats, as well as the determination to find a solution.

DryDreams sleepwear and pillowcases claims its products will minimize the effects of night sweats. The company credits it special fabric for its ability to pull perspiration away from the skin. The open knit construction promises to keep you cool and dry and to prevent waking up freezing cold after a hot flash is over.

I tested a Small/Medium long-sleeved nightgown on a hot summer night, after a triple-digit day. When I read the garment's tag and saw 100% micropolyester, I thought back to the 1970's when polyester doubleknit was the fabric of the era - and it was like being wrapped in plastic! But this felt like silk, and was very cool when I put it on. Then I went to bed and waited for my dependable hot flash to kick in - but it didn't! The fabric kept pulling heat away from me, and my hot flash never really got going. I tried again, and finally when I was working late one night (in the nightgown) my hot flash showed up - and I'm happy to say that the DryDreams fabric did its job of wicking away the sweat on contact.

The DryDreams Signature nightgown fulfills its claims - it does wick moisture away from your skin, and is cool and comfortable. At $79, it feels a bit expensive, but sleeping cool and dry makes it a good investment.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Fabulous product - Great gift!, Member karenadoherty

Wow - This is a fabulous product! I was gifted the nightgown by a friend just as I began having night sweats. Once I tried the nightgown, (and I resisted because ""nightgowns"" are not my thing)... I loved it! The material feels silky, but not clingy and moves easily around my body as I turn in bed. There is nothing binding and the sleeves fall perfectly - long enough so they don't get stuck around the elbows, yet, not too long, preventing them from getting wet while washing up before bed... they are just right! This nightgown has it all - is comforting as we sleep thru our night sweats and is a great gift to give to our friends!

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