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Life During Treatment - Self Care, Side Effects, Reconstruction

During treatment, you may have side effects, and need treatment for them. Special drugs are available to help you recover from treatment side effects. Self-care is also important, as well as asking for help and support from family and friends. If you're working while in treatment, you should know your rights under the Family Medical Leave Act. Learn what emotional stages to expect, and ways to cope.
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10 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself If You Have Breast Cancer
Bad habits can contribute to bad health. Here are 10 things to stop doing while you're in treatment for breast cancer, and 10 good things to swap for instead.

Summer Travel – 7 Essentials to Pack for Summer Travel During Cancer Treatment
Summer travel is a great way to have a break during breast cancer treatment. You can still go on summer travels, you just need to pack carefully. Here's a list of 7 essential things to pack for summer travels during breast cancer treatment.

Fake Cancer Cures
Can you spot a fake cure for breast cancer? Do you know the tactics commonly used by salespeople for bogus cancer cures? Learn how to steer away from hucksters and who you can trust.

Breast Cancer and Work - Know Your Workplace Rights
You may be working outside the home when you're diagnosed with breast cancer, and you will need to navigate the maze of workplace policies about medical leave, sick time, vacation time, and talking about your diagnosis with your boss and coworkers. Know your rights - what is protected by law - and what preserves your income and health insurance.

Young Women and Breast Cancer: Preserving Fertility
Chemotherapy can destroy your cancer, and possibly your fertility. Women who are premenopausal before starting treatment need to know their options about future fertility. Learn ways to preserve your fertility here.

Chronic Conditions and Breast Cancer
Having chronic conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease can complicate treatment for breast cancer. Learn how to manage your treatments and what to expect.

Should I Join a Breast Cancer Clinical Trial?
Clinical trials for breast cancer treatments are one way to determine if new treatments or techniques will improve the fight against breast cancer, or extend life and survival. Learn more about joining a clinical trial.

Scarring and Breast Cancer
Therapeutic and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer will leave scars. Even needle sticks, especially from chemo infusions, leave scars. Learn how scars may affect you and how to deal with them.

Breastfeeding During Breast Cancer Treatment
Although it is unusual to be diagnosed with breast cancer right after becoming a new mom and starting to breastfeed, it does happen. So how does this affect your plans to breastfeed? Learn more about when and how you can still breastfeed.

Telling Your Kids About Breast Cancer
Being diagnosed with breast cancer is hard, and telling family members is difficult, too - but telling your children may be the hardest task of all. Know where, when, and how to tell your kids about breast cancer.

Breast Cancer: Airline Travel During Chemotherapy
Going on a trip during chemotherapy for breast cancer will be a good break from the rigors of treatment. But since airline security is high, you may have metal on or in your body that will set off the alarms on metal detectors or wands. Being prepared will help you get through security with fewer problems. Plan ahead and know what to bring with you.

Summer and Breast Cancer - Enjoy And Take Special Care of Yourself
Breast cancer patients can still enjoy the long, lazy days of summer. Whether it's a European tour or relaxing in the backyard, you can make the most of the season by taking special care of yourself.

Top 10 Self Care Tips During Breast Cancer Treatment
Only you know exactly how you feel during treatment for breast cancer. The treatments affect all of you - body, mind, soul, and spirit. Taking care of all aspects of yourself, or asking for help, is important while you're fighting this disease. Here are some ways to take care of yourself.

Why doesn't my clinic do my blood draw through a port?
Before a chemo infusion you will have a blood draw for your complete blood count. Even if you have an infusion port, it may not be used for your blood draw. Learn more about chemo infusions and blood draws through veins or ports here.

Breast Cancer: Focusing on the Positive
You've been diagnosed with breast cancer. You're in a shock and fearful in regard to what you have to face and whether you're going to live or die.

Monitoring Your Medications
Just about every breast cancer survivor has a number of medications that they are taking on a daily basis. Hopefully, a single doctor has prescribed them, or if prescribed by multiple doct

What About the Children?
It wasn’t long into writing my blog when I started hearing from children. They'd tell me about how their mothers or grandmothers had breast cancer

It’s All About Hope
I can’t tell you how many times I've been moved to tears when someone shares what they endured in order to do a walk to raise funds for breast cancer

Reconstruction or No Reconstruction
For anyone with Breast Cancer facing a mastectomy, one of the main issues to be decided is whether to undergo reconstruction. In my case, it was never

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