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How to Do Arm Exercises After Breast Surgery


Updated August 08, 2012

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Side Stretches - Seated Exercise
Side Bends

Side Bends

Illustration © Pam Stephan

Stretching gently to your side is a good way to start recovering from breast surgery. Side stretches can be done in a seated position. These will help with trunk, shoulder, and arm flexibility.

Side Stretches - Seated Exercise

Do these side stretches gently and slowly. Do your best to keep your hands help up over your head while bending - avoid pulling forward. This will stretch your chest wall muscles, trunk, spine, neck, shoulders and arms.

  1. Sit in a hard chair with you back and neck straight, and your hands clasped in your lap. You can keep your knees together (as shown) or space your knees and feet about a shoulder's width apart.
  2. With your hands still clasped together, raise both arms over your head to a comfortable point. You don't have to straighten your arms, but see how high you can lift your hands to get a good stretch. Stop if you feel pain.
  3. Keeping your arms overhead and your feet on the floor, bend at the waist and feel a good stretch along your arms and sides. Hold this for about 3 seconds.
  4. Return to Position 2.
  5. Bend in the opposite direction and stretch, holding this pose for about 3 seconds.

Repeat side stretches 5 to 7 times.

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