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Triple Mix – Treatment for Oral Mucositis


Updated February 01, 2008

Question: Triple Mix – Treatment for Oral Mucositis
Chemotherapy causes side effects, one of which is mucositis. This is an inflammation of the mucus tissues, which starts at your mouth (oral mucositis) and goes down your esophagus (esophageal mucositis) through your digestive system (intestinal mucositis). It can feel like a sunburn inside your body, and should be treated.
Answer: Triple Mix Kills Pain, Soothes Raw Tissues in Your Mouth and Throat, and Coats Mouth Sores.

What is Triple Mix?
Triple Mix is a combination of three liquids that treat and soothe oral and esophageal mucositis. The recipe can vary, and some of the ingredients are available by prescription only. The usual mix contains drugs that will stop pain, reduce inflammation, and treat infection.

Your doctor must prescribe this drug for you, and your pharmacist will need time to create it. Triple Mix must be compounded when it is ordered, it does not come already mixed. One recipe calls for: Maalox (kills pain, coats sores), lidocaine (kills pain), and diphenhydramine (antihistamine). Nystatin (treats infection) and Hurricane Gel or Liquid (numbs pain) can also be combined with Maalox to create another version of Triple Mix.

Also Known As:

  • Triple Solution
  • Velvet
  • GI (Gastrointestinal) Cocktail
How You Use Triple Mix
There are two ways to use Triple Mix, depending on how severe your mucositis has become. For mild to moderate mucositis, you can use it as an oral rinse, swishing a dose around inside your mouth to coat all the sores and other tissues. In this case, don't swallow the Triple Mix, just spit it out. If your mucositis is severe and extensive, you may use it as an oral rinse first, and then swallow it to get relief from pain and inflammation in your esophagus and digestive system. Wait at least 15 to 30 minutes after using Triple Mix before you eat or drink anything.


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