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Dealing With Emotions - From Diagnosis to Survival

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can unleash many emotions. You're not alone - and you can learn how to process and manage your feelings.

Coping With Holiday Stress And Breast Cancer
Holidays are often stressful, even more so when you're coping with breast cancer. Here are some tips on navigating the holidays without overloading yourself.

Grief, Loss, and Breast Cancer
Whether we lose a breast or a family member or friend to breast cancer, we will pass through a time of grief. You can navigate this natural process with support and help.

The Psychological Impact of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
A diagnosis of breast cancer is one of the most devastating things a woman can hear. After such shocking news, it is normal to feel a range of emotions, from despair to rage. But for some patients, even once the initial confusion and grief have dissipated, a serious mental health issue may develop. Learn how and when to seek help.

Emotional Stages of Breast Cancer During Diagnosis, Treatment, and Survival
If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you and your family will be experiencing waves of emotion. Knowing what other survivors have experienced and getting help early in the process is very helpful. Read about the normal stages of emotion that come with breast cancer diagnosis.

Things Not To Say to Someone With Breast Cancer
When hurtful words hit you, you can feel sick. Don't ever say thoughtless things to someone with cancer. Here's 8 things not to say and better things you can say, when someone near you has breast cancer.

Top 10 Snappy Comebacks To Insensitive Breast Cancer Comments
You've got breast cancer, and now you've got rude people asking embarrassing questions and making thoughtless comments. How do you respond? Here's 10 snappy comebacks for those times that you need one.

When People Make Rude Comments About Breast Cancer
During treatment for breast cancer, you may get rude comments or insensitive remarks about yourself or the disease. Many people have never dealt with cancer, and have no idea of what to say. But if they are rude, you can decide how to respond. Learn the reasons that people may blurt out hurtful remarks.

Safe And Creative Emotional Outlets
Diagnosis, treatment and survival of breast cancer brings up many emotions. Fortunately, there are many creative and safe ways to express your emotions, here are some to try.

Emotions and Breast Cancer: Expressing, Coping, Surviving
Your emotional response to breast cancer can affect your physical condition. Learn what is normal, and when to get help dealing with and resolving your emotions.

Guided Imagery - Relief for Stress and Emotions During Breast Cancer Treatment
Guided imagery is a technique that uses your mind and senses to help you connect your mind and body, guiding your overall self into a relaxed and centered state. Breast cancer patients may use guided imagery for stress relief, pain management, and to promote better sleep.

Things For Which Breast Cancer Makes Us Thankful
Having breast cancer is an experience that changes you. It can strip away pretense and artifice, leaving only honesty and integrity in relationships. It can focus your fears. Betty Ford noted that cancer strikes not only the body, but also the spirit. When we are faced with our mortality, our true self is revealed. And we may become grateful for things which we previously took for granted. …

The Breast Cancer Blame Game
Do you blame yourself for lifestyle choices that may have affected your risk of breast cancer? Obsessing over the past won't help - learn how and why to move on.

Unwanted Breast Cancer Advice - How You Handle Unwanted Breast Cancer Advice
How do you handle unwanted breast cancer advice?

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