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Compare Four Brands of Wicking Sleepwear

Make a Smart Choice to Combat Hot Flashes and Night Sweats


Updated June 09, 2014

WildBleu Rose Striped Cuffed Nightgown

WildBleu Rose Striped Cuffed Nightgown

Photo © WildBleu

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, And Sleep
Wicking sleepwear was designed to give you a good night's sleep, despite hot flashes and night sweats. Your night sweats could be caused by breast cancer treatment, pregnancy, inflammatory bowel disease, HIV, Crohn's disease, or other conditions. No matter the cause, you know that night sweats can break up a good night's sleep, leaving you damp, freezing, and restless. Your sleepwear, as well as your bedding can get wet, making a return to dreamland only a distant possibility.

Wicking Sleepwear To The Rescue!
Wicking sleepwear claims to remedy sleep disruptions caused by night sweats with the use of high-performance fabrics that dries your skin and moves moisture away. Several companies make wicking sleepwear, using proprietary fabrics that compete to be your sleepwear solution. I'm great at having hot flashes and night sweats, so I compared four brands of wicking sleepwear to see how well they performed. In the table below, you can see how I rate each brand of hot flash nightgown on several details.

My Wicking Sleepwear Solution
As you read over the product reviews and the comparison table, consider which points are important to you: price, wicking ability, texture, construction, style and fit. Then choose the type of wicking sleepwear that meets your needs. I compared these brands:

I was happy with all four brands of wicking sleepwear, and when it came down to making my personal top pick, it was very difficult. The DryDreams gown was incredibly silky and sensual. For really hot weather, CoolJams worked best. For transitional weather, I combined a CoolJams pajama bottom with a WildBleu top. And when I slipped on the bamboo Dreamsack gown, I felt cool, sexy, and like I was helping the environment. Whichever wicking sleepwear you choose, I wish you a happy escape from night sweats and the best of sleep!

Full disclosure: I purchased the Dreamsack and the WildBleu products, and the CoolJams and DryDreams samples were very kindly provided by the manufacturers.

Wicking Sleepwear Product Comparison

CoolJams DryDreams Dreamsacks WildBleu
Wicks Away Moisture,
Stays Cool
Yes Yes Yes Yes*
Fabric Texture Silky Cotton Silky Silky Cotton Cotton
Fabric Content Polyester Microfiber Micropolyester Bamboo Polyester/Cotton
Construction Quality Great Great Great Great
Sizes Available S-M-L-XL XS to XXXL S-M-L-XL S-M-L
Colors Solids Solids Solids Solids & Prints
Styling Classic Comfort Classic Roomy Flattering Classic, Sporty
Fits Properly Yes Loose Snug Yes
Product Extras Washing Bag N/A Ecologically Friendly N/A
Menswear Available Yes Yes Yes Not Yet
Linens Available Not Yet Yes Yes Yes
Company Outreach Supports 5 Charities 100% Profits Supports 2 Charities Supports 4 Charities N/A
Cost $69.00 $79.99 $48.00 $55.00
Repeat Purchase? Yes Yes Yes** Yes
Notes: * WildBleu retained body heat longer than similar products, but works well in cold weather.

**Dreamsacks fit snug, but I would purchase a larger size.

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