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Malignant - Definition of Malignant Breast Disease


Updated August 17, 2007

Definition: (adjective) 1. (tumor) cancerous cells which may be able to invade, destroy, and deform surrounding tissue, with possibility of shedding cells which spread to other parts of the body. 2. bad, with potential to become worse. 3. not benign.
Pronunciation: ma LIG nant
Common Misspellings: malignent
A malignant breast tumor is life threatening and must be surgically removed and examined by a pathologist in order to get a conclusive diagnosis. If a malignant tumor sheds cells into your bloodstream or lymph system, those cells will carry the cancer to parts of the body, which may include:
  • bone
  • skin
  • lungs
  • liver
  • brain
  • lymph nodes
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