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Lymphoscintigraphy - Technique Used for Sentinel Node Biopsy


Updated October 10, 2013

Sentinel Node Biopsy

Sentinel Node Biopsy

ADAM Medical Encyclopedia

Definition: Lymphoscintigraphy is a technique that is used to determine the sentinel lymph node (first lymph nodes the tumor is draining into).

Pronunciation: LIM-foh-sin-TIH-gra-fee

Also Known As: lymphoscintigram, lymphangiogram

Common Misspellings: limposintigraphy

Examples: During lymphoscintigraphy, a radiologist will locate your tumor, and inject a small, non-toxic amount of the radioactive element technetium and a blue dye into it. While you lie still, a computer records the path of the radioactive material towards the draining lymph nodes. The blue dye will assist the surgeon in finding the sentinel lymph nodes, which will be removed and tested for metastasis. This test is also used to diagnose lymphedema and lipedema.

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