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101 Uses for a Fake Boob (or two)

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Updated March 31, 2008

101 Uses for a Fake Boob

101 Uses for a Fake Boob (or two)

Art © Jennifer Dutcher

The Bottom Line

"Breast cancer isn't a laughing matter, but the breast prosthesis can be!" Leanne Lippincott wasn't expecting to have breast cancer –- she had a healthy diet, watched her weight, did breast self-exams, had regular checkups and mammograms. In 1998, her mammogram proclaimed that all was well. But in 1999, she was diagnosed with Stage 3A breast cancer and had a mastectomy. Since then, she's enjoyed good health, and wants to raise awareness about breast cancer. Lippincott and her daughter, Jennifer Dutcher, wrote and illustrated this lighthearted look at life with a breast prosthesis.


  • Lighthearted and encouraging
  • Comic illustrations get you grinning
  • Creative, simple, and unexpected


  • This book needs a sequel!


  • Authors: Jennifer Dutcher and Leanne Lippincott
  • Self-published
  • ISBN: 1-59872-192-5
  • Copyright: 2005
  • List Price: $11.50
  • Book Details: 80 pages, 25 illustrations, paperback
  • Authors Website: www.healingthroughhumor.org
  • 10% of the proceeds from this books' sales will be donated to help benefit breast cancer patients.

Guide Review - 101 Uses for a Fake Boob (or two)

So, you thought breast forms were just for mastectomy patients? A fine way to fill an empty bra cup? Well, this book will expand your view with "101 Uses for a Fake Boob." Lippincott, a breast cancer survivor, and her daughter, Dutcher, use a positive attitude and perky illustrations to keep you reading and healing. Although having to use a breast prosthesis isn't itself funny, the authors use humor to bring the breast prosthesis out of the closet and into the lemonade pitcher, where it belongs. The authors provide you with plenty of ideas for using fake boobs, ranging among costume accessories, game pieces, and coffee-table conversation starters. They don't pad this book with puns, but you can expect plenty of chuckles and "wish I'd thought of that" moments. This book would make a great gift to breast cancer survivors (even if they didn't have a mastectomy), or as a thank-you gift to friends and family who were supportive to a breast cancer patient. Never dull or sad, this book makes you think of having a breast prosthesis as more of an opportunity than a challenge or handicap. Lippincott likes to quote this proverb: "A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.*" Your spirit certainly won't be downcast while reading this book -– you may even want to get an extra breast form just to experiment with.

The authors include a list of breast cancer resources, books, magazines, and websites to encourage and educate breast cancer survivors. A part of the proceeds from books' sales will be used to help women who don't have insurance buy breast prosthesis, as well as help defray the cost of retreats.

*(Proverbs 17:22)

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