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Basal Cell Like Breast Tumor


Updated April 06, 2009

Breast Basal Lamina Cells

Breast Basal Lamina, Normal Cells

Illustration © Pam Stephan
Definition: (adjective) Basal-like (or basaloid) breast cancer is defined by its specific pattern of gene expression that is similar to normal breast basal cells.
Pronunciation: BAY-sul sell
Also Known As: basaloid
Common Misspellings: basel, basil, baysel
A basal-like breast tumor is a subtype of aggressive breast cancer that has a short relapse time. African-American women that are premenopausal are at higher than average risk to develop basal-like breast tumors, which are usually triple-negative for estrogen, progesterone, and HER2 receptors. Basal-like breast tumors may be high grade and diagnosed at a late stage, requiring powerful chemotherapy regimens.
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