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Free Cancer Support Services For Breast Cancer Patients

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Updated September 08, 2011

Free cancer support services are available to you during treatment for breast cancer. Since you're already paying for treatment, spending extra on food, travel, and comforts to help you through, it's great to know that some things are still free! Here are some places where you can get free support services to help you and your family.

Chemo Angels Provide Encouragement

Most of us don't see angels - but when you're having chemotherapy or radiation treatments, you may wish you had a personal angel that checked in on you regularly. Good news -you can sign up for Chemo Angels - a free support service that matches up patients with volunteers. You must complete an application, in order to be adopted by a Chemo Angel - some of whom are survivors. Your Chemo Angel may be anywhere - but you will know they care when you start receiving cards, notes, and small gifts. You don't have to thank your Angel - but they won't mind if you do. An Angel will stick with you until you're about a month out of active treatment, when they adopt another person.

Cleaning For A Reason - C4R

Your home just won't clean itself, even though that sure would be nice when you're wiped out from surgery, chemo, or radiation. Cleaning for A Reason is set up to give your home a free professional cleaning. Founded by Debbie Sardone, an executive in the residential cleaning industry, C4R offers free professional housecleaning and maid services to women who are in treatment for any type of cancer. In all 50 states as well as Canada, C4R partners with maid services to provide free cleaning. To apply for free cleaning services, you must fill out their application and your doctor must verify that you are currently in cancer treatment.

Free Air Travel for Breast Cancer Patients

You can't always get cancer treatment close to home, so sometimes you may have to travel across the country to get help. But plane tickets are always expensive, especially when your checkbook is already depleted from paying for breast cancer treatment. Fortunately, there are some wonderful services that offer free air travel for cancer patients. Here you can see just a few of the organizations that provide or coordinate free air travel to meet medical needs.

Online Breast Cancer Support Groups and Forums

An online support group is as close as your keyboard, and is available all hours of the day and night. Many groups are loaded with practical advice and personal experience, so chances are you will find survivors as well as newly diagnosed patients with whom you can relate. To participate, you must register with the group and observe their rules. There are many of these online support groups and this is just a short list of some you may try:

Telephone Support for Breast Cancer

Sometimes you have a question that just can't wait overnight. Sometimes you just need to hear the voice of experience. Other times you may not be sure where to turn for help or resources. That's when making a phone call to a dependable support network can help. Here's a good list of organizations that have telephone support lines.
Note: All of the numbers listed below are toll-free.

American Cancer Society (ACS)
Telephone - 800-227-2345

Cancer Care, Inc.
Telephone - 800-813-4673

Gilda's Club
Telephone - 888-445-3248

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
Telephone - 877-622-7937

Susan G. Komen For the Cure
Telephone - 800-462-927

The Wellness Community
Telephone - 888-793-9355

Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization, Inc.
Telephone - 800-221-2141 (English) and
800-986-9505 (Spanish)

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