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Taxol (Paclitaxel) for Breast Cancer Treatment
... stage of breast cancer. When given in low doses it has mild side effects and is well-tolerated. Here are some side effects, risks, and recommendations. Page 2.
Drug and Medication Side Effects FAQ
Along with its intended results, a drug may cause a number of unwanted side effects. These effects can happen when you start a new medication, decrease or  ...
Side Effects for Pediatric Children's Drugs - Pediatrics - About.com
Parents and pediatricians are becoming much more aware these days of the possible side effects of the medications that kids are being prescribed. Learn how  ...
Inhaled Corticosteroids Common Side Effects - Asthma - About.com
Aug 1, 2014 ... Do you know what inhaled corticosteroids side effects you need to watch out for? Learn what you need to know.
Medications Side Effects Library - Bipolar Disorder - About.com
Index to individual pages listing the side effects for medications which may be prescribed for bipolar disorder (manic depression).
Side Effects of Inhaled Steroids - Allergies - About.com
Or, “Will they make me gain a lot of weight or have a large effect on the growth of my child?" The truth about the side effects of inhaled steroids is that none of ...
What are the Side Effects of Hoodia?
Nov 19, 2014 ... A: Hoodia gordonii is often touted as a herbal diet pill without side effects, although there's a lack of published studies on the safety of hoodia in ...
What are the Side Effects of The Pill? - Women's Health - About.com
A look at possible side effects of the birth control pill. Includes information about potentially beneficial side effects of the Pill.
Side Effects of Medications Prescribed for Bipolar Disorder - List
Index to individual pages listing the side effects for medications which may be prescribed for bipolar disorder (manic depression), and articles about side effects , ...
Lamictal / Lamotrigine Side Effects - Bipolar Disorder - About.com
While Lamictal is generally a safe and well-tolerated medication, some side effects are serious or even life threatening.
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