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Breast Cancer Surgery - About.com
Surgery for breast cancer is often the first step in curing the disease. There are several types of breast cancer surgery. Learn more about lumpectomy, ...
Breast Cancer Surgery - Your Options and Decisions
Sep 2, 2014 ... Breast cancer surgery is done to prevent cancer recurrence. You need to know all your options, and the reasons for your choice, before you ...
Breast Cancer Surgery Options - About.com
Jul 3, 2013 ... Breast cancer can be treated with surgery, which removes part or all of the breast. The standard surgeries for breast cancer include lumpectomy ...
Breast Cancer Surgery - What You Need To Know About Breast ...
Oct 1, 2014 ... Explaining surgery for breast cancer from diagnostic procedures to the differences between lumpectomy and mastectomy. Also reconstruction ...
Lumpectomy - Surgery for Breast Cancer - - About.com
Lumpectomy is a surgery done to remove a cancerous breast lump. Learn what to expect during a lumpectomy, and how to care for yourself during recovery.
How Surgical Margins Affect Breast Cancer Decisions
Sep 15, 2014 ... Surgical margins are part of your diagnostic workup for breast cancer. The state of your surgical margins, also called tumor margins, affects ...
Lumpectomy Breast Cancer Surgery - About.com
A lumpectomy, sometimes called a wide local excision (WLE), is a type of breast cancer surgery. This is a breast conserving surgery, that removes the least ...
Male Breast Cancer and Surgery - About.com
May 1, 2014 ... Male breast cancer is a rare but life threatening illness. Learn how male breast cancer surgery, including mastectomy and lumpectomy differs ...
10 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About Breast Cancer Surgery
May 16, 2013 ... You will need surgery to remove cancer from your breast. Before the lumpectomy procedure was developed, and when doctors made all the ...
Mastectomy Surgery for Breast Cancer - Mastectomy Surgery
Jul 3, 2013 ... A mastectomy is surgery that removes the entire breast. A mastectomy is done to treat breast cancer by removing the tumor and surrounding ...
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