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Pam Stephan

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Pamela is an 11-year breast cancer survivor who has been writing about breast cancer for several years. In addition to working to educate the public through her work, she has volunteered with a local breast cancer support organization.


Beyond Pamela's experience as a freelance writer and former webmaster, Pamela brings special perspective to her content.

Pamela was diagnosed with breast cancer (DCIS stage 2 with invasive) in March 2002 and survived a year of treatment. Her experience led her through two different oncologists, a radiologist, a general surgeon, a plastic surgeon, several anesthesiologists, a local support group, 3 different hospitals and two surgical centers.

Pamela passed her 5-year diagnosis anniversary and has "graduated" from oncology checkup visits. She is currently in remission and has finished taking medication to prevent recurrence. Although her family had no history of cancer, her husband's family did. Because of those experiences, as well as her own, Pamela has seen two sides of the cancer experience -- caregiver and patient.

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Pamela earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Texas Christian University, with a focus on commercial art.

By Pam Stephan:

Whether you are newly diagnosed with breast cancer, a concerned family member or friend, or someone who wants to reduce your risk of breast cancer, this site is for you.

During my own treatment, I researched the disease and participated in a support group. I found that having the best information helped me make better decisions about my treatment. I hope this site will be encouraging and helpful to you.

If you are newly diagnosed with breast cancer, sign up for my free 8-day e-course, to learn more before you start treatment.

You can also find me on: Twitter (@AbtBreastCancer), and on FaceBook (About Breast Cancer).

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