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Robin Roberts Ready To Return

By January 14, 2013

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Robin RobertsGMA news host Robin Roberts is almost ready to go back on the air, after having a bone marrow transplant (BMT). Roberts developed myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) after having chemotherapy for breast cancer - a rare occurrence - and was fortunate to have a perfect match in her sister, Sally-Ann, who donated healthy bone marrow cells.

Roberts' transplant was done in September 2012.  Transplant patients are at high risk for infections during the first 100 days after transplant as well as several months afterward. That means that she must be cautious about how many people she comes into contact with, and that she should carefully monitor her energy levels. Her doctors will permit her to return to work gradually, so don't expect to see her staffing the news desk during a full morning of the popular newscast. She would like to be back on the set by February - particularly by February 26. That would mark one year to the day when she first noticed the extreme fatigue that comes with MDS, and went to her doctor for help.

Robin Roberts has been public about her fight with breast cancer as well as myelodysplastic syndrome - a blood disorder - and has been very bold about appearing on camera without hair or business attire. Viewers have seen her powerful spirit rise to this challenge, and are looking forward to seeing her make a full comeback. She and her sister have made the public more aware of the importance of donating stem cells to be used in life-saving treatments, something that many people had not previously been aware of.  As Roberts continues to recover from her BMT, she will have many frequent medical tests to monitor her progress. Blood counts and bone marrow biopsies will follow and she will be watched for signs of Host Vs. Graft Disease (HVGD).

It is very encouraging to see Robin Roberts come back from this latest health crisis - a transplant is no easy procedure - but she's looking good and seems to be revved up for a return to work. Let's hope and pray that her complete recovery is a smooth road.

Photo: Mat Szwajkos/Getty Images

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