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Give Support For Breast Cancer Across the Miles

By November 18, 2012

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Friends and family are often scattered across the country these days. We're more likely to meet online than in person and may talk over the phone rather than over the back fence. When a good friend or family member is diagnosed with breast cancer, we'd like to help, but we may have many miles that separate us. It is still possible to give support long distance, but it takes some creativity and good communication.

When I was newly diagnosed, we told a few people that were close to us. One of my husband's friends had a sister who had been through the surgery and treatments just six months before me. She lived in New England, I was in Texas. We connected over email, and sometimes by phone. Even though we had never met, we had much in common to discuss. Joanne and I swapped concerns about scars, hormones, treatments, and survival. She shared openly with me about her choices and I felt I could ask her just about anything. This all took place 10 years ago, in the days before social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or even LinkedIn. So when we wanted to see each other's photos or send gifts, we actually used the postal mail service! At critical times, she would send me a card, a nice bar of chocolate, and once - a delightful stuffed toy! I felt like I had gained a sister, and that helped me through the bad days.

Nowdays, there are so many ways to keep in touch that we just have to choose which service to use, in order to communicate and offer support from across the miles. You can still use the phone and send mail, but now you can leverage technology to bring you closer to support someone who is fighting breast cancer many miles away from you.  Here are 8 ways to send your support!

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